Friday, March 29, 2019

Second Trimester Essentials

I'm taking a break from my Maui recaps this week to share my second trimester essentials now that I've made it all the way through that portion of my pregnancy and am now into the third trimester!  If you missed my first trimester essentials, you can find them linked here.  I would absolutely say that I am still using everything from that first list, and these products are all additions to my current favorites.
Hot water bottle - I was really lucky in that my first trimester was pretty much smooth sailing.  Don't get me wrong, I feel super fortunate to feel as great as I do and to have this sweet little dude growing, but the back pain in the second trimester definitely came on strong.  For me, at least, Tylenol is a joke (aka doesn't even work as a placebo effect haha), and I miss Advil so much!  I used a lot of heat and ice, and I love that this pack has its own sleeve - totally beats the dish towels and random wraps to keep it from burning my skin.

Tums - Acid reflux has also appeared during my second trimester, and boy, did it come on strong one night.  I watch what I eat and try not to eat too late at night, but sometimes you just want that extra spicy salsa with your Mexican food or some chocolate.

Happiest Baby on the Block - A friend shared this book with me, and it was one of our first registry gifts.  I'm a few chapters in

Leggings - I've learned that maternity leggings are definitely a trimester by trimester purchase.  I love that they're snug, but they don't fit for more than a couple of months before buying new ones.  These were my top choice for trimester #2, and THEY HAVE POCKETS.  They actually remind me more of those stretch pants we all wore as kids in the 90s because they're a little on the thick side, but they're amazing.  As I get into my 3rd trimester, though, they don't go all the way up my belly anymore, so these are definitely getting replaced asap.

Fitted maternity dresses - I have to admit, I loved the way that little bump looked through my second trimester, so I was absolutely taking advantage by wearing way more fitted things that I even would have pre-pregnancy.  Old Navy has the best selection, and I even wore the dress linked to my baby shower in Connecticut.

Decaffeinated tea - YES, I drink caffeine during my pregnancy, but I am trying to keep it to a cup a day, and during the afternoons, while I'm sitting at work, I just need something warm to wake me up.  This tea is delicious, and if you happen to be in your first trimester, it's great, too, because it has ginger to help with nausea.

Compression socks - One of my amazing mama friends sent me a whole package of goodies when she found out I was pregnant, and these have definitely been my most-used item.  I wore them on our flights to and from Maui for our babymoon, every week to kickball, and when I know I'll be doing more vigorous exercise. 

Body pillow - This thing is amazing.  Yes, it takes up half of the bed (luckily we have a king), but it is so worth it.  Sleeping on my side is definitely not something I used to do (hello, fellow belly sleepers out there!), so it keeps me in the right position without too much pain in my hips and legs.  Plus, I can almost feel like I'm still sleeping on my belly by leaning into it.


Kristin said...

I found that compression socks were most helpful in the few weeks after having the baby. It's like the fluid doesn't know where to go, so it goes to your feet and ankles!
My friend had clearance from her doctor to take Excedrin, so it might be worth asking. I was okay on Tylenol, but I remember, after I had him, they just started shoving Motrin at me every 4 hours and it was the weirdest feeling because I'd been actively avoiding the stuff for months.
And Old Navy was my absolute go-to for maternity.

Lauren @ The Pizza Monster Mama said...

Oooh I feel like I'm going to need one of those body pillows soon!

Jen said...

The body pillow was amazing for me! Haha! It's a must for sure.

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