Friday, April 10, 2020

10 Little Baby Things You Won't Regret Buying (or Registering For)

I thought we did a pretty good job registering for the big things we needed: bassinet, crib, swing, diapers, not too many clothes... but the one department I knew nothing about before baby was all of the little things we'd need along the way.  Luckily, I had some very sweet mama friends who provided us with these items in gifts for Calvin (some of which I was like, "why do I need this??" when I got them... boy, was I wrong.) 
The thing about these items: when you need them, you need them NOW.  I am so glad that we had so many of these on-hand when Calvin was born, and now I sneak a couple of these into each baby gift I give to a new mom and dad.  My mentality is to buy something off their registry and then add a couple of my own little touches that I know they'll need along the way.  All but one of the links below (not affiliate or sponsored links) are from Amazon, so hopefully if you need one of these ASAP, you'll be able to get it while still social distancing.  Here are my favorites:
1. All the wipes: baby, hand, boogie, and pacifier.  For baby wipes, we use Pampers Sensitive refill packs to fill the wipe warmers and wipe bags (below).  I tried to find a link to these great little Wet ones packs that we keep in the diaper bag, but with the Covid-19 related shortage, everything was sold out.  When Calvin has had a runny nose, Boogie wipes were great with the Nose Frida, and babies throw things on the ground all. the. time. and I love these Pacifier wipes.

2. I had no idea how to travel with wipes in a diaper bag - haha!  This Refillable travel wipe pouch is such a better sustainable way to bring wipes on the go!

3. This Diaper bag dispenser is basically dog poop bags for babies' diapers.  They have a light scent to them, so when you accidentally leave a diaper in your bag for a week, you won't be that upset.

4. A Baby toothbrush set isn't something we needed for a few months, but when Calvin started eating real food (before he even had teeth), we started using it.  This was one of those items I'm glad someone bought us because I never would have remembered to start brushing his teeth when I did - haha!

5. There are so many options for clipping babies' little daggers, but we loved these Safety First nail clippers (or you can buy this whole set that we use a bunch...comb, brush, nail file, tiny bottle for giving Vitamin D).

6. We first gave Calvin Infant Tylenol when he ran a slight fever after his first shots.  This was one of those items that when you need, YOU NEED IT, and don't want to run to the store for it.  Calvin loves grape, and it's been helpful when teething, too.

7. Zarbee's Cough and Mucus was something I found on my own, and we've used it a few times when Calvin had a cough.  Again, grape is the best, and if baby is under 1, make sure you get the kind without honey

8. Johnson's Sleepy Time baby set was a gift from a friend.  We registered for a couple of trail-size bath sets.  I wasn't sure what products or scents I wanted, but when we got this, it was perfect.  The scent is so perfect, and we made every item into Calvin's bedtime routine.  Nightly bath and shampoo, then lotion as he nurses before bed.  10 months later, our routine is still the same!

9. Mike does all of our baby dishes, and he loves this Babyganics foam bottle soap along with the Dr. Brown's bottle brush.  (The Babyganics soap link isn't Amazon, but you can buy the refills on Amazon here.)

10. Lastly, something for mom.  Soothies gel pads were the ONLY thing that made me feel better during those first couple of difficult weeks of breastfeeding.  I would suggest buying a couple sets and putting them in the freezer in between uses.

What did I miss?  What were your favorite little baby items?


Kristin said...

I remember getting a reusable zipper pouch of baby wipes when I packed my hospital bag/diaper bag at like 36 weeks lol. That thought of "wait...I need wipes to take with me" is startling.

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