Friday, April 24, 2020

First Birthday Gift Ideas

I cannot believe that Calvin's birthday is in a little under a month! 
I've been thinking about what to buy him since I didn't buy him like any Christmas presents haha - he did not need ANYTHING at 6 months, but now that he has some interests and toys he favors, I wanted to get him some things he'd enjoy this summer, especially if we are stuck safe at home for much of it.  I googled list after list and came up with these 10 gifts/gift idea categories for him.  I tried to find things in a variety of categories: pretend play, music, mobility, fine motor skills, and gross motor skills. 
1. Water table: Calvin is obsessed with the cats' water bowl and the bath, so I know he'll love this water table (that my parents are buying him... shhhh).  We are planning on expanding our patio this spring so that he'll have a great space to keep it outside.

2. Sprinkler and splash pad: Another water-related gift idea.  I thought about getting him an inflatable pool, but I thought this could be something fun and easier to move from place to place.  This isn't something he's getting but may get purchased later in the summer, especially if our pools aren't able to open.

3. Ball pit: I am just doing my best to fill my entire house with kids' stuff, huh???  This just looks like so much fun, and Calvin loves to throw and catch, so I feel like he'd love this.  Or how awesome is this GIANT one??

4. Kitchen play set: This is the first of two gifts that Mike and I are giving Boy for his birthday.  I bought this play set from IKEA with some of their little pots, pans, and food, and I'm refinishing the kitchen to match our kitchen: granite contact paper for the counter tops, silver spray paint for appliances, and dark walnut cabinets to match ours.  My plan is to keep it in our kitchen so he can "cook" with us.

5. Push car: Calvin has a couple of strollers, but I thought something like this, a tricycle, or an RC car (with a remote control for us to steer haha) would be a fun alternative for walks around the neighborhood!

6. Push walker: Bones got one of these as a hand-me-down from my coworker.  It's so cute, and if your baby doesn't have one, I would definitely suggest one!

7. Anywhere chair: This is the other gift (besides the kitchen set) that Mike and I are buying for Boy.  I actually found the chair itself in Facebook marketplace and am just buying a new slipcover with his name - it'll cost me less than half of the full price!

8. Learning tower: I've seen a few moms on Instagram with these, and they look like fun (when Calvin gets a little older).  Basically, you push it up to your counter and baby can be there with you to "help" cook or whatever you're doing.  Bonus is this one folds flat for easy storage.

9. Melissa and Doug: I love ALL of their toys.  I've learned that I'm a sucker for anything that can be personalized or is wooden.  They have a whole "Fill and spill" collection of soft toys (Cal has the bug jar) that you can get with their name on them.  I love the stacking/sorting wooden toys (We have this train), and, of course, their wooden puzzles.  I especially love the peg puzzles.  He's used these since he was 6 months, and I really think it's helped with his fine motor skills.

10. VTech: Calvin got the Kiss and Care Cows from his Auntie for Christmas and is obsessed.  I tried to find a link to them and literally could only find this eBay listing... apparently they're popular? Or out of production?  Yes, Vtech toys are loud, and yes, you get the songs stuck in your head, but he LOVES this toy.  I found a similar fly and learn airplane and pull and sing puppy on Amazon.  Put a little electrical tape over the speaker to muffle it a bit, and you'll tolerate it haha!


Kristin said...

If we had a bigger kitchen right now, I could see the value in a learning tower. Our friends have one. We LOVE the Anywhere chair, but the quality of the cover itself is a little disappointing to me. It hasn't worn that well.
We did a water table for birthday #1 and it was a lot of telling him not to drink the water or crawl around and eat dirt/grass at that age. Now he knows, but if you have it on an enclosed porch, that might help!

Julie said...

I gave my twin nieces work boxes and a shutterfly book. I plan on doing the shutterfly book every year if possible!

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