Sunday, October 23, 2011

later on the sun began to fade, then the clouds rolled over our heads and it began to rain. oh we were dancing mouths open, splashing tongue taste, for a moment this good time would never end

so, my golf lessons are officially over for the season.  this means winter is approaching...and i am not happy about that.  i did get a ton of golf in this week, so here is a bit about my week...
wampanoag country club in west hartford

dressed up in the snag suit for lessons... see below

happy birthday to the taylors'!

lyman orchards orchard? and golf course

now doesn't golf, cider, and apple turnovers sound like the best afternoon EVER with my guy?

and taking my kiddos out on the course for the last lesson... they had so much fun :)

does anyone remember koala cookies? i found these at the store and was hoping they would be the same... good but not too close

i hope to be posting more often about my exciting ventures at work... photoshoot tomorrow for a new fundraising campaign and traveling all around the state over the next couple of weeks to hopefully start some new programming next year. can't wait!


ms.composure said...

LoL LOVING the snag suite!!

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