Monday, December 19, 2011

we can hardly stand the wait, please christmas don't be late

so i decided to put a "disney christmas" station on pandora at work today, and somehow that turned into 7.5 hours and counting of the chipmunks. oh boy. 

lately i have seen a few blogs where people are posting what they are giving for christmas, and i think it's a fun idea. many of you might not care what i am giving for christmas, but i have gotten a few ideas for christmas gifts from blogs i have seen!

today's gifts are going to some of my friends as well as mike's and my younger family members... i love shopping for the little ones! 
welcome to my version of santa's workshop...
bought this door cover for 25 cents the day after christmas last year lol
and it has looked like this since before thanksgiving when i started my christmas shopping

disclaimer: if you are my friend and i am not aware that you read my blog, you might be getting one of these presents for christmas (one of the reasons there are no names attached). for those of you who i know read my blog, i might put the pictures of your gifts up after christmas :)


Adria said...

Oooo, Candyland was my favorite game when I was little! And I love shopping for kids too!

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