Friday, January 20, 2012


this week has been pure chaos. mike had foot surgery to remove a shattered bone in his foot, and i have to constantly tell him to go sit back on the couch and put his foot up because he is such a busy body like me (love you, baby :) ) (his foot has to be up for 2 weeks!). i am in-between jobs so-to-speak as i am spending this week half in our office in rocky hill and half in elementary schools in waterbury preparing for our in-school golf instruction (oh and those two places are 30+ miles apart). i am working with my other roomies to finish our basement bar (the paint, moulding, cleaning are done in half of it - photos soon!).  and to top it all off, last night i got in an accident and had to sit there for an hour and a half in the snow waiting for the cops... even though neither car had any damage. i was a WRECK, i have mild hypoglycemia and by the time we got out of there (thank goodness jeff was with me) it was after 9:30 and i hadn't eaten dinner yet. blah. 

i am reeeeeally looking forward to this weekend and hope it will be super relaxing! now i just need to get through friday!
lover boy cuddling with stitch on the couch with his foot up
awesome ikea stools i found for $17 each! going on an adventure with kate to get them on tuesday :)
i think we need a bigger cart
but jeffro makes it look super easy


Lexi said...

Hey, thanks for visiting my blog. I have been quite lazy about blogging recently, but it is always nice to meet a fellow CT blogger, especially one so close. We are about 15 min from rocky hill and I grew up in Waterbury. I do that drive almost everyday. I feel your pain. * lexi

Meg said...

Yes I'm now doing almost an hour commute into waterbury to teach for the next 5 weeks, but the kids are so fun it's worth it! Thanks for checking my blog out too. I'm trying to do more crafty stuff lately but living with all men makes it tough haha

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