Monday, January 23, 2012

roxy and the vet

So I had to bring Mike's and my kitty to the vet tonight, and what a train wreck.  She has maybe meowed a total of 5 times in her entire 1.5 years of life and she meowed and shrieked the entire 15 minutes there.  I was so sad. I had this fear of her hating me afterwards and it was awful.  

The one funny part were her choices of hiding spots.  I noticed a few months back that when I vacuum she hides behind Mike's huge desktop computer in our bedroom so I guess this was fitting.  I did catch some funny pictures.
scouting out her hiding spot
not quite the right hiding spot
she found one!
i wish there was a clock on the wall to see the time lapse of a half hour in the same spot
she loves nothing more than her treats... but as you can see, all she would do is stare at them (it is that little spot in the middle of the light tile)
All in all she was a trooper... cried the entire 15 minutes home... and is now cuddling in bed with me.  Moral of the story: she doesn't hate me now and I hope she won't after I have to bring her back to the vet twice within the next month... eeeeek. 


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