Friday, January 27, 2012

downstairs bathroom completion

we finished the downstairs bathroom (well, except for the cabinet hinges and knobs which will be done tonight); such a gratifying feeling! here are a few pictures of the finished product, the lights tend to discolor the paint in photos, so i also put up a picture of the sample. 

here's what we did: removed the old wallpaper, primed and painted (it took a long time to choose the color), refinished/sanded/stained the cabinet under the black shelves, painted the crown moulding, added the black shelves and things on them from ikea, made the valance (ikea fabric), and added the chrome accents to everything (knobs, towel hook, toilet paper holder, etc).

i have to say that i really like the way this room came out! and now that i'm going through mike's old pictures of the room to see the wallpaper and changes over time, there are a few more pictures than i anticipated, sorry!

"rhubarb" the second color from the top
look at that wallpaper. the bathroom is on the left - i guess mike didn't take many pics of the original bathroom. sad. 
here is the cabinet before we refinished it... and some of the wallpaper
i said we went between a lot of color options
and after!

sorry, i said that was a lot, but i'm proud of our work! now it's onto finishing the basement bar :)

happy friday!


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