Tuesday, May 22, 2012

lately in connecticut...

a lot, a lot has been going on in connecticut.  i absolutely love the springtime, so i have spent a lot of time outside [both for work and at our house].  let's start with our house, and more about work later...

we have been working hard to make the yard beautiful this year.  we added a few gardens, got a bunch of flowers [for free - yay!], and are still trying to clean up from last fall's crazy snow storm.  

on top of all of that, one of our roommates is moving out.  we all have grown apart from him, so this is definitely best for our house.  however, we are upset that he decided to give away what became, in his constant absence, our house pet.  grizzly adams, the bearded dragon, was roxy's best friend, and she definitely misses him!  once our roommate is out, i'm excited because i have a new room to paint.  mike wants to paint it a neutral color before the next roommate so he won't have to quickly paint it when he decides to sell.  any suggestions?

so... crazy springtime.

grizzy looks sad to leave us - we will miss him!

kitchen updates:

new spice racks and utensil holders 
new ikea grundtal kitchen accessories

front yard updates:

view out the dining room window to front walk garden and new front corner garden
front walk flowers

new gardens!
new shed and grasses on the side of the house

backyard updates:
mike and jeff chainsawing and putting in a new wood rack
coolest tool ever: post-hole digger
almost done, just needs the tarp on top
planted like 3 bags of wild flowers here... let's see what happens 3 weeks from now
all the wood for the wood rack so jeff can plant his veggie garden here

and the next project:
gotta clean the sunroom for summer fun!
and finish the basement bar!

i love our house :)


Alynne Leigh said...

Your house is beautiful!! (:

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