Wednesday, May 30, 2012

memorial day weekend 2012 [the best weekend ever]: part 1

seriously, this past weekend was epic. just epic. so epic that it will need at least a 4 part post.

part 1: color me rad.  if my last post on the subject didn't urge you to participate in one of these colorful 5ks, then i hope this one will!

here is the complete list of color me rad's across the country this summer.  

seriously, do i not look so stupidly happy to be running?!?!
it was just that awesome.  

all of my roommates, a few of our friends, one of my friends from ri, and i ran as a team.  we had a blast!

i obviously didn't want to bring my phone or camera with me, in fear of covering either in corn starch color, so i used a good-old-fashioned disposable, so bear with me for the photos!
roommate pic before
running through color 
we did it!
awesome color throw 
roomie pic after
our team minus one
staying for a second color throw, why not right??
and now back to the car and a real camera phone!
us awesome kids who stuck around for a second color throw
don't you wish your laundry looked like this everyday?

all in all, awesome memorial day weekend saturday - and that wasn't even the whole day!  stayed tuned for the rest of our sweet weekend :)


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