Monday, May 7, 2012

new patio!

a week ago i had an outing at work.  everyone at my office worked a full day, then we went out and played 6 holes of golf, and then we spent a couple hours having dinner and drinks.  i got home around 9:30 to the guys pulling apart the end patio bricks to begin extending our patio.

cut to three hours later: a patio was finished!  magic? no.  4 people working their faces off? yes.  
it is so worth it, it looks beautiful!

mike got a ton and a half of sand the weekend before for the patio
yay and i got to play in it
we had a fire going, and by 10:00 the patio work had begun
pink work gloves? don't mind if i do.

and now the finished product compared to 2 years ago when the boys moved in! [top photos are before and bottom photos are after... hopefully you can tell the improvement!]

before it could only fit a grill, now it can fit the entire length of a picnic table, and i am trying really hard to grow some grass in that back yard!


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