Saturday, November 10, 2012

apologies and thank yous all around

to anyone i spoke to/ whose blog i commented on after about 6:00 last night - I'M SORRY.

i had my first real meal since getting my wisdom teeth out a little while before that, and somehow i thought that would be a good excuse to take an extra pain pill [to my defense, the bottle does say 1 or 2 every 6 hours].  boy, was i loopy.

and in case anyone is wondering, YES, i have bought some hysterical [and mostly unnecessary] christmas presents over the last 48 hours.  i will have a post up about that soon!

THANK YOU ALL for all of the love regarding my teeth and even the pumpkin swap!  anyone know of any other swaps coming up - maybe holiday related? to join in on?

also, a huge thank you to my amazing boyfriend, mike.  he has been an incredible help, and i appreciate him so much.  his family has been wonderful too - when i insisted that he go to the uconn football game we have season tickets to last night, his mom and sister came over and hung out with me when i was at the peak of loopiness.

and a last thank you goes to my beautiful and sweet little cat.  [i know this sounds silly, but hear me out...]  she hasn't left my side in three days.  i'm so happy to have her.  it's a long story, but she hasn't always been my little love.  she belonged to my ex-roommate for the first year of her life, and to an extent, she was abused.  she was rough-housed with, she wasn't capable of cuddling because all she knew how to do was bite and scratch, and [as we realized later,] she wasn't even brought to the vet.  over the last year, since we took roxy from our ex-roommate, mike and i have turned her around, and i am so happy that she's finally less anxious, content to be where she is, and is ALWAYS purring.  add that to a second, loving cat for her to play with, and she is perfect.
all of these were taken over the last 3 days.  i wish you could tell in the top right photo that she is laying on mike's back while he is laying on me haha


Jen said...

I love the pictures, so sweet!! :)

Susie said...

Kitties are so sweet. :) Mine always know when I'm sick.

ChatterBlossom said...

What a sweet little kitty!

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