Sunday, November 11, 2012

christmas crazy and list-maker

i’m a list-maker – and a serious one.

lists for:
- errands to do
- projects at work
- blog post ideas
- my food journal
- cleaning around the house

honestly, isn't it the best feeling in the world to cross things off a list?  

combine that with my LOVE for everything christmas [especially buying presents for other people] and my extreme thriftiness, and you get my version of christmas hoarding WITH A LIST!

i don’t make a lot of money in the non-profit world [and don’t get me wrong, i wouldn’t trade my job for anything], but it makes me a bit more frugal.  for this reason, i tend to buy things all year round.  i get weekly emails from probably 10 different online stores, so when i see a good sale - i take advantage of it!  i also pride myself in being a good listener and buying presents people might actually use.  i make notes in my phone when someone gets overly excited about something they want or says something in passing.  

now here's the problem: since christmas is in a month and a half, these gifts have been piling up for 10 months.  i have a REALLY tiny room, so i store presents in every nook and cranny i can.  i finally took the time last weekend to organize everything and YOU GUESSED IT, i made a list of what i have and who i still have to buy for. 

next place i live: i need a room for crafting/christmas-ing/storage. 
i can't live like this forever haha

 august and now in november [slightly more organized]
there is also stuff in that pink ottoman and some of those bamboo boxes 

plus stuff just about everywhere else...

and like i mentioned previously, sitting on the couch for the last 4 days, i checked off a few of the people i needed to buy for... so as soon as those gifts arrive, i'll be needing a place to store that stuff... and this stuff ^^


Jen said...

I'm a list maker too!! I wrote out my list for Christmas gifts and I felt a huge sigh of relief when I had everything done.

Christine said...

I make lists for just about everything! I've tried using my iPad and phone to be a little more organized but I can't get anything accomplished unless I write it out with paper and pen haha

Anonymous said...

I love lists and do the exact same thing! You should see our guest room closet. haaha

Angi said...

Lists are the only way I get through life sometimes...haha. Just the other night my husband and I went out to dinner and made a list of Christmas presents we need to buy for other people, what we need to shop for when we're out of town over Thanksgiving, etc...otherwise we'd forget a million things, and we're only out of town once or twice a year!

Meg said...

Now that's what I need - a guest room!

Meg said...

Yeah, I make tons of lists in my phone, but then the problem is always that you can't see more than 1 list at a time! I have so many little notebooks that I keep in my purse now - I love just jotting things down.

Susie said...

I love making lists! My favorite is to make a grocery list and categorize it by store aisle and which items I have coupons for. :) We have Microsoft Outlook at work, and you can create "Tasks" for yourself that coincide with your calendar (I'm a technical writer, so I do my deadlines this way). Once you complete a task, just right-click and select "Mark Complete." Trust me, IT IS NOT as gratifying as crossing something out hand-written.

Meg said...

Oh my gosh it makes me so happy that someone is as crazy about lists as me! And I know what you mean about the computer - I use AK Notepad in my phone, but deleting a note just doesn't feel the same either!

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