Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, friends!

I hope you are all enjoying it with your families.  Today, Mike and I will be with his parents, sister, and her boyfriend.  But before I leave, I will be hiding 12 packs of beer and nips around my house for two of my roommates to hunt for all day!  Welcome to 19 Southfarm [again]!  

As you [probably] know, I love doing holiday-themed things.  So, yesterday I did some baking and we decorated eggs:

The first little dessert I actually found in a cute Buzzfeed article I read last week.  I also pinned it so you can find it too!

The second baked good I made I found via searching "Easter desserts" on Pinterest.  I gave Mike's sister a list of possible ingredients, and she picked coconut - so here's what I made!

Of course, last night we also colored eggs with everyone!  This has been one of my favorite activities since I was little.
Do you like my rainbow "egg-sterpiece"??? Yeah... that was the best I could do - but "eggspert" does sound good! haha

When we finally got home last night from our egg-ventures, I found this amazing Easter gift on my front porch.  One of my very first and closest blog friends Amanda from Manda Loves sent me these amazing Easter goodies!  She is seriously the sweetest - you should check her out.  I am actually hoping that she will be my first "blate" in the coming weeks :)  Happy Easter, Amanda!  


Jen said...

Everything looks amazing! I hope you have a wonderful day. :)

Heather @ From Here to There said...

Love all your Easter fun you've been having! It's a wonderful feeling to get a surprise gift from a blogger friend *wink,wink* I love all the items you got! It's amazing how these friendships blossom and I'm so blessed by them! Happy Easter Meg! Enjoy time with Mike and his family! :)

Anonymous said...

Those Peeps came out great!!!

Kristin said...

Those Easter treats came out so well! You're so talented...I have no patience for decorating!
Enjoy your day, Meg!

Patty said...

You are going to be one AMAZING mom :D SUch cute treats I am sure the boys loved it!

Anonymous said...

hey! thanks for following... i am following back! love to see easter goods... yours look super yummy! :)

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