Friday, April 5, 2013

Pit and Peak

Before you see my vlog, if you didn't see Mike's guest post [yes, boyfriend Mike - he is AH-MAZING] yesterday, check it out!  He did a great job :)

Now for my Pit and Peak Vlog for this week - straight from VEGAS!

I have to admit, this was made last night [technically I am posting this at 12:30 am Pacific on Thursday night/Friday morning haha].

Vegas is THE COOLEST PLACE ever!!! I can't wait to tell you all about everything I've been learning as well as my adventures when I return! 


Heather @ From Here to There said...

Loved watching your vlog! Get yourself some sleep girl! Have fun!

Jen said...

I'm so glad you are having a good time in Vegas! :)

Crystal from My Ramblings said...

I so want to go to Vegas. Hope you're having fun and that you have a great weekend!

Jen @ That's What She Read said...

You're such a cutie! I Love the outfit! And I pretty much am soo jealous that you're in vegas with a huge hotel room and a bag full of easter candy! haha! have fun!!

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