Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Top 10 of My Day Off

10 newly painted nails
9 rooms vacuumed
8 floored scrubbed
7 unmatched socks from
6 loads of laundry
5 blog posts planned
4 hours of Law and Order
3 miles run
2 fish sandwiches for lunch with Mike
1 pair of ridiculously comfy Christmas Cookie Monster pants


Angi said...

HAHA, I love the pants...!

Anonymous said...

What a cute post! It sounds like a very productive day.

Jen said...

The pants are amazing! Love! :)

Lala said...

you and me have the same idea of day off. Catch up on the chores around the house.

Delightful Ideas

Kristin said...

Whoa busy day off. Overachiever :)

Unknown said...

This sounds like a great day off!

Jamie said...

You really did all that?! I'm impressed!

Anonymous said...

Haha, this was cute! Scrubbed 8 floors?! Phew, that's a lot of work! :)

I'll Love You Forever said...

Love the pants! Grrr.. that is so me with the missing socks, haha

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