Friday, November 1, 2013


Hope you all had a happy and fun Halloween last night!  Now it's Friday and here's what I have to "high five" about:
1. I learned how to do electrical work this week!  I rewired switches and installed them into our dining room!

2. This is Shadow.  On Tuesday, I was on my nightly run around the neighborhood, and basically, she scared the shit out of me.  I was turning a corner, and she jumped out from under a gap in a row of bushes.  She was so friendly and just stood there on her hind legs, staring at me.  Of course, I had to call Mike and have him bring me cat food for her.  After about a half hour of hanging out with her, I decided to continue on my run, and she followed me all the way around the block and back into our driveway.  We think she's a stray, so she lived in our garage for a night and now is at the Protectors of Animals to get checked out.  I'm thinking and hoping we might have a little addition to our family soon!

3.  Mike chose this amazing new Yankee Candle when we went to the mall this week!

4. Yesterday morning, my mom sent me a couple of photos of me from 20 Halloweens ago when I was a bride!  Yaaayy for brides and weddings ;)

5.  My pride and joy as Cowgirl Jessie.  Yes, I dressed Roxy up to match our Halloween theme.  I am soooo lucky to have a fiancee who puts up with my obsession of costume-wearing loves it too!  You might have seen yesterday from my race recap, we were Woody and Buzz for Halloween.  We might have gone to Petsmart to buy a litter box for Shadow on Tuesday and I might have seen a Jessie costume.  Then, I might have regretted not buying it all day Thursday so I might have rushed there after work to buy it.  No matter what happened, all that's important is that Roxy is the best.  She was such a good sport!  
Because those little snippets of Halloween definitely aren't enough, here are a few more from yesterday:
I love how my coworkers dress up with me every year.  One was our boss and the other was a dentist. 

Do you like my foot personalization and pullstring? 

Our little family

Roxy waited patiently for trick-or-treaters /// Mummy hotdogs for dinner



Linking up for H54FInstaFriday as usual, plus Allie's Howl-o-ween! 


Anonymous said...

I love that Roxy (and Mike!) allowed you to dress her up, and that your costumes had a theme! Thank you for linking up!

Jen said...

Shadow is adorable! :) I hope you get to keep him.

Nicole said...

Love your Halloween spirit. Costumes, dinner, all kinds of fun!

Patty said...

Oh my geez the picture of you as a bride... ADORABLE! And your costumes... SO FUN!! love it!

Anonymous said...

That is so fun that you were a bride for Halloween twenty years ago! And I'm dying over the cute Roxy pictures. She is so cute! And so awesome that you found a costume to match yours and Mikes! Aaahhh!

And I hope that Shadow is a keeper! *keeping fingers crossed for you!*

Rachel said...

From the very first picture, I thought, "Is that a cat Jessie costume??" That's too funny that you actually found a cat costume to match the theme you had going. Toy Story is, in my opinion, the best cartoon movie of all time...

I'll Love You Forever said...

Great photos! Love picture number 4 from 20 years ago, haha. so awesome to have childhood photos! Still loving your hair on you, so cute!

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