Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Kitchen Mix Up #2: The Tasting

Welcome back to November's Kitchen Mix Up!


Here were this month's ingredients:
 photo KitchenMixUpBasketNov_zpsc8cf5de9.jpg

The Guidelines:
- "Open The Basket" on the first Tuesday of the month to see your ingredients and sign up.  
- Cook/Bake/Fry/Grill an original recipe using the four ingredients.
- Use any other ingredients you wish.
- Link up with our "Tasting" on the last Tuesday of the month with your recipe and/or photos of your creation and see what took place in each other's kitchens over the month.
- Use our button if you wish!

Here's what I made: Roasted Chicken Butternut Soup with Sage Croutons

I found the recipe for the soup on Martha Stewart's website and created the croutons myself.

Here is the recipe for the soup.  I thought it was a pretty good recipe, fairly easy, but kind of a weird consistency soup.  Using the potato masher made the squash a bit stringy in the soup, and in addition to that, all the soup smelled like was taco seasoning [but, luckily, it did not taste that way].  It did actually tasted pretty good and both Mike and I enjoyed the flavor!

To make the croutons, I cubed a stale grinder roll, chopped up about 6 fresh sage leaves, and mixed that together with 1 1/2 tablespoons EVOO.  In a saucepan on medium, I cooked the bread almost like I would a grilled cheese, turning the cubes occasionally until they were nice and crunchy throughout.  Mike LOVED the croutons, and I'd have to say I agreed!

All the ingredients

What I used for the 4 mystery ingredients

Before the oven

cubing and cooking the roll

the finished product!

Thanks for joining us again and I hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving!



Heather @ From Here to There said...

I am SOOOO sad! I didn't get a chance to put anything together for the link-up. I promise, I'll be joining next month! The soup looks deliciouos!

Angela King said...

This looks amazing. I love the croutons!

Unknown said...

This is such a cool idea! I would really love to do this next time!!

Lauren @ How Beautiful Are The Feet

Unknown said...

Its sounds so delicious........Thanks for your soup. http://www.luluhypermarket.com/GoodLife/food-guide-index.html

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