Friday, November 8, 2013

Things I'm Not Above...

Recently on Jenn's blog, I saw an awesome post of things she's not above.  So, I decided to make my own list:

- Sending myself an Edible Arrangement: They're delicious, okay?  And I'm going to eat chocolate anyway, so why not at least eat fruit too?  And yes, I did once buy one for myself and eat the whole thing. 

- Eating fast food: Taco Bell is my JAM.  I looove beefy nacho loaded grillers - and they're only $1 during happy hour!!  And don't even get my started on personal pan pizzas from Pizza Hut...

- Drinking cold drinks when it's cold outside: The only caffeinated drinks I like are iced teas and frappuccinos from Starbucks, so when it's cold I just add another sweatshirt and slurp down a cold drink!

- Wearing footy pajamas: Contrary to your thought after the previous point, I am ALWAYS cold.  When I get home from work many nights during the winter, I put on my AWESOME pink footys pjs with hearts on them.  You want to match me?  Target has a great selection!
You know, just a normal night cuddling with Roxy in my pjs

- Googling myself:  I did and found that another Meghan Doherty wrote a book called, "How Not To Be a Dick." I might need to purchase it.

- Snapchat selfies: When my college friends introduced me to snaptchat earlier this fall, I NEVER thought I was going to use it, but ohmahgawd it's SO FUN, and I loooove getting snaps too - find me (megatronnn27)!

- Drinking Bud Light and Busch Light: I swear, I don't like any other beers.  You know I LOVE ciders, but beer is another story.  I don't like the "hoppy" taste, so I go to a bar and order a Bud Light every time, then when I'm home, I go one lower and buy 30s of Busch Light.
Ignore my fiancee and just pay attention to the drink next to my cards

- Watching shows meant for kids 10 years younger than me: Pretty Little Liars is my jam.  A couple summers ago, I was home sick and a full season 1 marathon was on and I got hooked!  Sidenote: did anyone watch the Halloween special?!? How great was that?!?  Now, every time I see a commercial for a new ABC Family show, I have to give it a try: The Fosters, Twisted, etc...

- Being scared by shows for kids 10 years younger than me: Holy cow do I grab Mike's arm tightly when the "scary" parts happen in PLL.  [Yeah, Mike watches it with me... sorry, love!]  We might have even watched the pilot of Ravenswood and decided against recording the series because it was too scary...

- Loving all things Disney: I don't care that I'm 25 years old, Disney is cool.  We were Disney characters for Halloween AND we'll be in Disney World in 4 hours!!!!!

Now, you tell me - what are you "not above???"


Jen said...

Taco Bell is one of my favorite places!!! Give me a double decker taco and I'm happy haha.

Christine said...

I agree with SO MANY of these! You already know my Disney obsession. And Bob used to work at Edible Arrangements, which like make my entire life when he was able to take stuff home. I'm also a fan of cold drinks but I got a hot chocolate at Starbucks last week, even though I didn't want it, just because I needed to get my first red cup of the season :). And as for shows meant for people 10 years younger.... yeah, I have a pretty embarrassing one that I watch from time to time. Not gonna post it here, but maybe I'll tell you later, haha.


Anonymous said...

I love Taco Bell! The Beefy 5-layer burrito is one of my favorites. I'm always cold too... I wear blankets in the summer and am always changing into warm pjs when I get home. And you know I love Disney too! Wow, right now you are already there! Hope you have a great time!!!!

Heather @ From Here to There said...

Yep, I need some footy pajamas!

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