Friday, January 10, 2014

It's Friday

1. Loss: This week was a difficult one.  This world lost three beautiful ladies: Mike's grandmother, my childhood best friend's grandmother, and my great aunt - all within 4 days of each other.  Each woman lived a long life, and was blessed with a big, loving family.

2. Sweetheart Swap: Did you see that Kristin and I are hosting a swap?  Sign ups close Monday, so don't miss out on getting a blogger sweetheart this Valentine's Day!

3. Kitchen Mix Up: Amanda and I are super excited for this month's ingredients.  Plus, we came up with 5 awesome reasons that you should join in this month - check them out!

4. Zoya: It's that time again!! Zoya is coloring the world for 2014!! Until Monday, you can get three bottles of Zoya nail polish for just the cost of shipping!! You KNOW I am buying my polish today after how much I loved it last year!

5. Healthy Eating: Okay, we're one week into 2014 and I'm still enjoying my healthy eating - especially smoothies!  I've been buying tons of frozen fruit and loving it, but now I'm looking for something extra to add to it: protein powder, nutrition supplement, any ideas?

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Jen said...

I love those nail polish colors!

Heather @ From Here to There said...

Ugh, I'm so sorry the "combination of three" had to happen! Continuing to pray for you! I wish I could actually give you an in person hug at this very moment... ugh, distance! I'm excited about the Sweetheart Swap AND kitchen mix up. I know I've been terrible about participating in Kitchen Mix up, but I'm determined to do it this month and because of all my slacking, I'm promising (oh boy, what have I gotten myself into?) a vlog! Healthy Eating, YAY YOU! I haven't been doing so great. I just ordered a ton of gopicnic meals to keep at my office for the days I don't have time to make a lunch or It's time to go grocery shopping and I just can't make it right away. I'm very excited about it! I got like 15 meals for 41.00 with the sale they were having (they have sales ALL.THE.TIME!) so that's like 2.75/meal. RIDICULOUS! You should consider stashing them at work for the same reason. Healthy and Easy! Put some peanut butter or protein powder in the smoothie! You could also try almond butter. Sneak in some greens, you don't have to add much because you don't want to ruin the taste, but adding those extra veggies daily will make a difference! You can just buy those frozen too so the texture stays the same. Geez, I miss you! Ok, I'm done with this ridiculously long comment.

Angi Solle said...

So sorry for your losses, but way to be positive about each of them! I do love that sweetheart link up idea though! I had the WORST experience with an ornament swap over Christmas so I'm staying away from them for a little while, but you ladies have a blast!

Kristin said...

I've been doing a smoothie everyday too. Usually berries, almond milk, and spinach.
My aunt also passed away this week and she was pretty young, so I get what you're saying with #1 there…it's been difficult all around. With Mike's mom and all, you guys have had a rough few months :/

Nikki said...

Protein powder is awesome in smoothies! I personally add it in myself! I use AdvoCare protein powder. Love it!

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