Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: because we needed a whole handful

You might remember a couple of months back, I announced our bridesmaids and groomsmen for our wedding!  Well, only a couple of weeks after that, we both realized that our groups just didn't seem complete.  We hadn't done much planning yet, so we thought it would be a fun idea to add a bridesmaid and a groomsman to make it five: he added one of his oldest friends, and I added one of my newest.

Phil, Mike's 5th groom's dude has always been one of my favorite of his friends.  Going all the way back to Mike's first night in this house, almost 4 years ago [when we weren't even dating yet], the three of us at Chinese food on the floor of the dining room, after the closing, before they had any furniture.  He lived here for a few months and now lives in New Jersey.  Mike's and Phil's families have gone to the same church forever, and they sang in choir together when they were younger.  I'm so glad Phil will be joining us in September.
The first of our "roommate" photos. For 2010-2013, we framed a photo of all the roommates together for that year, and we hang them all in our stairway.

My 5th lady in a pretty dress is Miss Amanda.  You ready for the best blogger story ever?  Yes, Amanda and I met through blogging... seriously.  A year and a half ago, we were paired together for The Great Pumpkin Swap.  We instantly became bloggy besties, especially when we learned we lived less than an hour away from each other.  It took us a good six months to work up the courage to ask each other on a "blate," and since then, we've done everything together from run in races, to paint pottery, and even host our own link up!
Our first blate!

Now that our wedding party is actually complete, check out my complete "Will You Be My Bridesmaid?" and "Will You Be His Groomsman?" posts!

Linking up for a couple of Wedding Wednesdays with Kristyn & Mary and Meredith & Jordon!


P!nky said...

Soo cool you have a blogger in your wedding party :)

Stopping by from the linkup.

reesa said...

Exciting!!!!! Wedding planning was so much fun! Enjoy it!

Kristyn said...

Aww that is so awesome that you met a bridesmaid through blogging! How awesome is that? I love it.

Thanks for linking up!

Raewyn @ Be A Warrior Queen said...

That is so awesome that one of your bridesmaids is someone you met through blogging! Also, I totally agree that 5 is the perfect number!!

Jane said...

Awwwww!!! Yay!!!! Happy dance!

Nikki said...

Some of my best friends are from bloggin.

Jen said...

Awww I love this!!!! :)

Annalee said...

So cute! Glad to see things are going smoothly! :)

Mary said...

That's awesome that a blate turned into a bridesmaid!!

Jordon said...

Um this is so awesome!! Meeting friends through blogging is the best!!

Thanks for linking up with us!

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