Friday, February 7, 2014

Letter to Me: Dear 18 Year-Old Meghan,

I love this song.  Combine that with a blog post I saw Kristin wrote a couple of weeks ago, I thought it would be fun to write a letter to my 18 year-old self.  In February of 2007, I was 18 and a senior in high school:

Dear Meghan,

Don't let your friends tell you you're dumb for your self-timered "group photos."  They'll be asking you for high school photos after college since you're the only one who took them. 

You know how people always tell you that girls cause drama?  Well, honey, it's guys that do.  Take a look at these photos, it's those two girls who are going to stand next to you on your wedding day... true friends.

Give it up with those big, poofy prom dresses.  You look silly and they're so hard to walk in.

He's not the one; stop trying to convince yourself otherwise.
Watch out for that hole/rock on the fourth hole in your Senior Day golf match at Shelter Harbor.  You're in for years of pain, steroids, physical therapy, and frustration.
[yes, I was on an all-boys' golf team]

Stop worrying about your weight... you look beautiful and will wish you could fit into that size 4 Winter Ball dress for your college 100 Days Ball.

Going along with that, if you're so "worried" about it, stop eating macaroni and cheese EVERY DAY after school.

I know you've been thinking about a college for years, but trust me, you'll pick the right one.

When you do get to college, do a better job of opening up to people.  Make as many friends as you can, and enjoy the events at school.  Your GPA does not matter!

Oh, except maybe study a little harder in Philosophy that first semester.  

PS I'm hanging out on Kallie's blog today.  Check her out Vlogging Like a Boss!


Unknown said...

Aw! This was so cute! loved it

Brenda @ Chatting Over Chocolate said...

LOVE this post!!!

Julie said...

What a good idea!

Christine said...

As someone who knew you at this age (actually, as someone who's known you since kindergarten!), this was awesome to read :). Even through all the drama and all that Mac and cheese, you've definitely remained a great person to this day! And by the way, your prom dresses were always so pretty! (And don't feel bad, I also had a less-than-ideal first semester philosophy class situation, too)

Alex said...

I love this Meg! Such great advice that I'm gonna start taking :)

happy friday,
alex @ Radiating Sunshine

Jen said...

I love this!! :) Have an amazing weekend!

Kristin said...

haha…of course you're young enough that you had to make yours to "18 year old me" :)

I don't think I would ever share prom pictures. *shudder* I like your black dress though!

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