Friday, October 24, 2014

High Five For Friday

Yaayy, happy Friday!  We did it!  Tonight I'm hosting a Girls' Night Out Halloween Party for my girls at work and Saturday we're going to a "Mac Off."  Here's what we were up to this week...

1. Amanda was here until Tuesday, so Monday night we decided to drink away our sadness [that she was about to leave], and we attempted to find something "Halloweeny" on Netflix.  We failed and watched an episode of Babysitters Club and a Halloween Barney special... hence the drinking game.

2. Fall arrived in Charleston like midweek.  Coincidentally, it was the day after I bought candy corn and Honeycrisp apples at the store.  You're welcome, South Carolina.

3. I got the cutest belated birthday present in the mail from a friend and her daughter Evie even counted out 26 stickers for me.

4. I ordered myself cookies... again.

5. There's something fun on the horizon with Alex and me!  

PS I just played a fun game, clicking on my "H54F" label and I cannot believe this was a year ago... wow how lives change!


Jen said...

Sounds like you have an awesome weekend planned! :) Have a great one!

Rebecca Jo said...

Who can ever get enough cookies?
I love the stickers - so cute.

Lisa C said...

Umm, pretty sure Hocus Pocus is on Instant Netflix.

Pink and Green Mom said...

Have a great weekend!!!

Julie said...

My sister told me that babysitter's club was on Netflix, I know what I'm checking out on my weekend off :)

Kelcie said...

Sounds like a fun week and a great weekend to cap it all off - enjoy it!

Unknown said...

Is that another blog swap I see?? Sign me up :D

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