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Wedding Wednesday: It's The Little Things

Welcome back to Wedding Wednesday (aka an excuse to relive my wedding once a week).  I cannot believe it's been almost 7 months since our wedding.  Sometimes it feels like it happened just yesterday, while other times, I feel like we've been married for so long.  I guess that's what happens when you live together for 3 years before you get married haha #livinginsin.  

Alright, back to the wedding.  After the ceremony, while Mike and I were out taking our own photos, one of the photographer's assistants went around the reception venue and took photos of all of the details.  These were the things on which I spent the most time: finding family photos, painting chalkboard signs to match our theme from Minted, and stuffing care boxes for the bathrooms.  I've always been a detail-oriented person, and I wanted our wedding to have a lot of special and handmade touches.  Our reception was at Wedgewood Pines Country Club in Stow, Massachusetts.  The setting, people, and food were all amazing, and I highly recommend them to any future brides in the Boston area.
Two of my amazing former co-workers and their husbands took all of the flowers that lined the aisles as well as the alter flowers from the church and brought them to the reception venue for us.  As soon as the ceremony was over, while everyone was in the receiving line, they hopped to it and got all of the flowers to Stow before anyone else got there.  (They also got first dibs on drinks and appetizers, so not all bad, right?)  We loved it because we got to reuse all of the flowers and there were so many for a lesser cost.  All of the flowers were from Frugal Flower in Hudson.  We (and by we I mean the team at Wedgewood Pines - Mike and I literally just dropped boxes of stuff on Friday afternoon and their team did EVERYTHING for us) scattered little dishes of personalized Kisses (from The Knot Shop) and personalized golf tees (from Par Golf) on tables around the cocktail lounge and in the hallways.

Our wedding coordinator at Wedgewood asked if we wanted a signature drink.  After seeing how much fun one was at my friend Liz's wedding, we hopped on it and chose Palmetto Punch (coconut and spiced rums, pineapple juice, grenadine, and orange juice) to represent our new home in South Carolina.  As the guests walked into the reception for the cocktail hour, they were greeted with a tray of Palmetto Punches.

Next to the drinks (obviously, everyone needs a cocktail first) were family portraits and everyone's place cards.  We found wedding photos of parents and grandparents and put them all together in a really fun display.  Everyone loved them!

After grabbing their place card, guests were asked to sign the guest book, which was made from our engagement photos.  Future brides: our wedding coordinator also gave us the idea to bring the guest book to the rehearsal dinner so that parents, family, and the bridal party can sign it there since they will be so busy during the wedding.  It worked out really well and my coworkers who brought the flowers to the reception also brought the book over.

On one of the other walls was a remembrance table for Mike's mom who had left us 13 months before the wedding.  She was there (right in the room, along with his dad and my parents) when we got engaged and passed away 11 days later.  We honored her with a few family photos and a bouquet that matched my mom's.  

All while this was going on, our guests were outside on a beautiful patio, enjoying wonderful hors d'oeuvres.  The weather was perfect and even on September 20th in Massachusetts, it was 65 and sunny.

We also had an Instagram hashtag.  I know it's kind of lame, but I loved seeing what our guests took photos of, and looking back at all of our photos in one place.

Once it was time for the introductions to start, guests entered the ballroom near where they had signed the guest book.  They walked past our sweetheart table and across the dance floor to their seats.  We loved having a noon wedding with 3:00 reception because of all of the natural light in the room.

The cake was directly behind our sweetheart table.  It was made by The Icing on the Cake in Newton and was delicious.  More on that later!

I loved the way the team at Wedgewood set up the tables.  They had the perfect purple napkins to match our wedding scheme, and everything else was white to keep it simple.  Speaking of simple, I opted for small centerpieces so that guests could see and talk to each other across the tables.  Our favors were also on the tables, and everything fit together so perfectly.

For favors, the adults received Stemless Wine Glasses filled with personalized M&Ms (in purple, teal, and platinum) in little draw string bags.  One of my bridesmaids, Amanda, and I stuffed all 200 of them the Wednesday night before the wedding.  It was such a nice way to relax, catch up, and get a few last minute things done.

As for the kids, they received Personalized coloring books from Simply Sherlock with Golf Wedding Crayons.  The books were so cute and I highly recommend them if you're going to have kids at your wedding.  It kept them entertained, and we even ordered a few extra as our own wedding "souvenirs."

That's all for now!  Check back next week for the start of our reception.  Have a great Wednesday and don't forget to link up with Macy and me to share your own wedding-inspired post!


Emily said...

If wedding hashtags are lame then I never want to be cool, haha. I have loved being able to go back and see our wedding through our friends' eyes! So fun!

Veronica-VeroSays! said...

So sad I haven't linked up the past 2 weeks. Just in over my head with wedding planning. I do love seeing these posts! Thank you. We were thinking about colorin pages for the kiddos! Thanks for sharing!

Megan @ Chicago Girl said...

I love the wedding hashtag! We had one too, #mandmonstate Hehe. The tribute to Mike's mom is so nice. I'll have to do a post one of these days on what I did for my parents!

Unknown said...

personalized m&ms are so cute! i love the chalkboard signs! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

Pink and Green Mom said...

Love all the details. The flowers for Mike's mom were an awesome touch. I'm sure he, and all of the family, really appreciated that :)

Rachel said...

We had a wedding hashtag too! As far as I'm concerned, they rock and are super fun to look at later before you've gotten all your professional photos back.

Lauren Honeycutt said...

Awwww! This looks like such a sweet day! <3

Macy V said...

I love all of these details, and that punch looks amazing!. Also, a wedding hashtag is awesome because I have so much fun stalking random peoples hashtags haha.

What you did for Mike's mom was so sweet. She was in that room with all of you celebrating the love that had just been sealed <3

Andrea H. said...

Love all the details! We incorporated photos from our parent's wedding as well. A very neat touch! And great idea on the afternoon timing...the sunlight makes all your photos SO gorgeous!!

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

Everything looked beautiful, love all the details and that palmetto punch looks DELISH! I'm so sad Instagram (and Pinterest!) weren't around for my wedding, love that brides can set up a hashtag for their wedding day.

Musings of Mollie said...

That cake!!!! It is beautiful!!! And I love the stemless wine glass with personalized M&Ms! That is so thoughtful and I am sure everyone enjoyed it!!

Jen said...

Your wedding favors are so awesome! I love that you had gifts for both adults and kids. :)

Rebecca Jo said...

I love when wedding parties come up with a hashtag for their day. I love posting pictures as their photographer to that same hashtag - its good for business too :) haha

Anonymous said...

Girl friend knows how to take care of all those special little touches that make a wedding unique! You nailed it with your signage, too. I love the memorial to your grandmother. xx

rachael gilley said... far as hashtags go, #livinginsin has me CRACKING up :) When used in moderation, they are definitely cool in my book - and perfect for a wedding! You won't get the professional pictures back for a while, so why not look at the pictures your guests took in the mean time? P.S., your cake is absolutely STUNNING. That is a wedding cake, for sure!

Anonymous said...

I love all the special details. Very special. And your hashtag, lol... I cannot stop laughing. I read it to my fiance and he was "that's totally awesome". He would probably come up with something like #cougarandboytoy since I am one (1) year older than him and he is always picking on me for that. :)

Christine said...

I love your wedding posts! Can't wait to hear about the reception :)

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