Thursday, September 10, 2015

HELLO FOOTBALL SEASON (my top 5 fantasy team names)!!

Happy Football Day, everyone!! Today the NFL returns, and Mike and I are headed to Atlanta this weekend for anniversary trip 1 of 2 to see the Eagles in action.  Like I've mentioned before, our gifts to each other will be two weekends (first in Atlanta, then in Charlotte) to see the Eagles play this season.  The "paper" part are our tickets - sneaky, sneaky!  Neither of us have ever seen an NFL game before, so opening week Monday Night Football is sure to top the charts.

I know all my Southern friends were far more excited about last week's return of football, but there's one thing the NFL surely has over college: FANTASY!! This year, I have four teams, and as always, I had to come up with witty names.  I am always a fan of punny team names with the players' names, but in my opinion, you can't use a player's name unless he's on your team.  And no, I do not draft people based on the team names I want, the name is always an after-thought.  Soooo... here are my four team names** (in order of favorite names and logos) and a fifth I made for one of Mike's teams. 

1. Flaccoroni and Cheese

2. Agholoraphobia

3. Teenage Newton Ninja Turtles

4. InstaGraham

5. Forgetting Brandon Marshall
(This one is my exception to "the player needs to be on your team" rule.  We got screwed by autodraft last year in the first round and ended up with Brandon Marshall as our first pick... aka that season (and he) needs to be forgotten.)
**Yes, I know I am not the only one to use or come up with these names, so no, I am not taking credit for the names, but I am taking full credit for my absolutely awful use of Photoshop!

  • Do you play Fantasy Football?  If so, what's your team name?
  • Anyone ever been to an NFL game, or specifically one at the Georgia Dome?


Jacquelyn @ Due South said...

I know nothing about football and have never played Fantasy BUT we used to live in the apartment complex right next to the Georgia Dome. Yea seriously, in the ghetto.. that's where we moved here from lol. Nothing to worry about though safety-wise when it's all crowded on game day =) No Mas and Smoke Ring are two good restaurants/bars in our old neighborhood.Or you can always go to CNN Center and pregame with giant $7 beers from Great Wraps haha, we used to do it all the time!

BLovedBoston said...

This was so funny!! I don't do fantasy football mostly because I just pay more attention to college - your photoshop skills are amazing!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

Christina Lea Loves said...

NFL games have such an energy and are so much fun! Enjoy - you guys will have the best time! Go Eagles!

Jen said...

Hahaha these are awesome! My FF name this year is Kiss My Assphalt.

Macy V said...

I am on 3 teams this year and I wish I would have used Flacooroni and Cheese. But I am Suggs to be You on every one of them lol #hownotoriginal

Kelsey @ The Peacock Roost said...

Haha these are hilarious! I'm playing this year but my name is nowhere near clever!

Katie Elizabeth said...

These are amazing! #1 is definitely my favorite ;) I always want to do fantasy football and then it sneaks up on me so fast every year that I can't get my act together in time!

Julie said...

We don't do fantasy football, we do in hockey though. You'll have a blast at the NFL game, just be prepared to spend some moolah as its pricey. We love going to games!

Carly said...

These are hilarious! My husband does a pick em league that's always really fun. What good anniversary gifts-- I hope you guys have fun!

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

These names are hilarious! And YES to the NFL being back, we are true north eastern gals as we didn't grow up with college football like they do in the south. College basketball is much more a thing up there, but I'm definitely learning to love (and finally understand) college football. Have an AMAZING time this weekend, you guys are going to have a blast :-D

Erika said...

Can't wait to hear about your weekend! Y'all are going to have a blast!

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