Friday, September 18, 2015

Making It Feel Like Fall, Y'all!

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Well, it takes a little more time than I'm used to for fall to reach Charleston.  Living in New England, I was all about the booties, plaid, cool weather, and even the leaf blower starting at the beginning of September.  Now, I need to make a little fall magic for myself in South Carolina... with food.  Fall foods make everything feel more festive.  Did you know that Walmart has special edition M&M's® Pecan Pie?  Y'all know I'm a fan of everything chocolate, but these are so delicious and even come in festive colors.  I thought it would be fun to share a little bit of fall with my neighbors with some "Happy Fall Y'all" cake pop treats featuring these delicious M&M's® and another fall flavor favorite: apple!
Apple Pecan Pie Cake Pops
Pillsbury™ Moist Supreme® Golden Butter Cake Mix
3 eggs
1 cup water
1/3 cup Mott's® Apple Sauce
Pillsbury™ Creamy Supreme® Cream Cheese Icing
Candy coating wafers
Cake pop sticks
M&M's® Pecan Pie
1. Mix together the cake mix, eggs, water, and apple sauce.  Best way to mix up that cake mix?  With your KitchenAid® Mixer, of course.  Make sure you keep reading to enter to win one for yourself in the #bakeinthefunsweepstakes!
2. Grease a 9x13 inch pan, and pour batter into the pan.  Bake the cake in a 350 degree oven for 25 minutes, or until a toothpick comes out clean.
3. Let the cake cool and crumble it up.  Mix 1 cup of frosting into the crumbled cake mix to form the cake pop dough.
4. Form the cake and frosting dough into small balls - a mini ice cream scoop works great.
5. Melt some of the candy wafers in a small bowl and stick one end of the sticks into the frosting.  Then, push it into the cake pop - this will help the stick and cake pop adhere together.
6. Cool the cake pops in the refrigerator for a half hour.
7. While you're waiting for the cake pops to cool, crush the M&M's® Pecan Pie candies to use to top the cake pops.
8. Melt more of the candy wafers, cover the cooled cake pops in the melted candy, and top with the crushed M&M's® Pecan Pie.
Now that the cake pops are made, it's time to wrap them up and share them with the neighbors!  I love any excuse to use calligraphy, so I grabbed my calligraphy pens and my favorite Snapple® Apple bottle and spent some time writing "Happy Fall Y'all" onto colored sheets of paper.  After that, I cut them into circles, layered them with another color to make it even more festive, hole punched them, and attached them to the wrapped cake pops with a ribbon!  Ta-dah!
You can check out even more delicious fall-inspired recipes and even some party planning ideas at the Bake in the Fun website and enter to win a KitchenAid® Mixer in the #bakeinthefunsweepstakes!
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  • Have you made cake pops before?
  • What's your favorite fall flavor?


BLovedBoston said...

Oh my gosh cake pops are my favorite - I seriously love having that little treat!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

Pink and Green Mom said...

The cake pops turned out great!!! ;)

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

Those pops look amazing <3

Green Fashionista

Rebecca Jo said...

Oh my gosh... this is all just the cutest.
I've always been afraid to try the cake pop thing - but I sure do love eating them!

Jen said...

Yum! I am so ready for all things fall, it can't come soon enough.

Kelsey @ The Peacock Roost said...

Those cake pops look so yummy!!

Julie said...

I love the different cake pops and oreo balls but I just dont' have the patience to make them. My sister got a machine for christmas once that does them but it still takes time and patience to prep. I'd rather just have someone else make them for me and I'll eat them ;)

Unknown said...

SO cute!! i always sub out oil or butter with applesauce when i bake too :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

Caitlin Elizabeth said...

Those cake pops look delicious! I have to say though it's 88 degrees in Boston today, so Fall isn't quite here yet either :)

Anonymous said...

Ummm I don't know if I could make that recipe without eating half of the M&Ms straight out of the bag first! Yum! Have a great weekend, lady!

Julia said...

WHAT Pecan Pie M&M's?? Guess I'll be going to Wal-Mart this weekend, lol! Happy Friday!

Emily said...

I'm still stuck on the fact that there are pecan pie M&Ms?! How did I not know this?! This is the perfect way to feel like fall when the weather is still WAY TOO hot outside.

The Lowcountry Mama said...

These look so good! I wish fall would start earlier here.. I'm over the heat. I bought some fall decorations today and even apple cider, and hard cider, because I'm trying to force it to feel like fall =)

Heather A. said...

Such a cute idea! I'm always looking for things to cook up in my mixer!

LHWinstead said...

What a fun idea for Fall -- looks so yummy! Also surprised to hear they have pecan pie M&Ms lol

Samantha said...

I LOVE FALL! These cake pops look amazing and I want to go make some right now! (client)

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