Friday, August 26, 2016

Five on Friday: Fall TV Excitement

Raise your hand if you got home from work this week and didn't know what to turn on now that the Olympics are over!?  Both of my hands are high in the air.  With more than two weeks of Olympics coverage, I forget what we used to watch at night.  Then I remembered that the fall tv lineup will be starting soon.  For today's Friday Five, I'm sharing five tv shows that I'm super excited to premiere in the coming weeks.  You can click all the names of the tv shows to view the official trailers:

Panthers Football - Thursday Night Football: (September 8 - 8:30pm NBC) - HELLO FOOTBALL SEASON!  We're going to a pre-season Panthers game this weekend, but the real thing starts up in just a couple weeks!

The Good Place: (September 19 sneak peak at 10:00pm but will run Thursdays at 8:30pm on NBC) - I actually just saw the first commercial for this a couple days ago, and it looks so fun.  Kristen Bell is hysterical!

This Is Us: (September 20 - Tuesdays 10:00pm NBC) - Everyone is talking about this show - the trailer looks great, and I really hope it lives up to the hype!  It reminds me a lot of the movie Crash.  

Designated Survivor: (September 21 - Wednesdays 10:00pm ABC) - We are huge 24 fans!  I know this is a much different role for Kiefer Sutherland, but we are still so excited for this one.  American government dramas are the best. 

Gilmore girls: A Year in the Life: (November 25 - Netflix) - It's been more than nine years since the show ended, and I cannot wait to see what Amy Sherman-Palladino has up her sleeve for these three 90-minute specials!

And just because, here are five returning favorites to set your DVRs for, too!
The Big Bang Theory: (September 19 - Mondays 8:00pm on CBS)
New Girl: (September 20 - Tuesdays 8:30pm Fox)
Modern Family: (September 21 - Wednesdays 9:00pm ABC)
Law & Order: SVU: (September 21 - Wednesdays 9:00pm NBC)
Saturday Night Live: (October 1 - Saturdays 11:30pm NBC)


a little bit of emily said...

I am so excited for Modern Family to be back on! A few of these new shows are definitely on my list, too!

Rebecca Jo said...

The Good Place & the one with mandy moore... i've had those on my radar for awhile. cant wait to check them out.

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

I've been so lost this week without the Olympics! Looking forward to the return of The Big Bang Theory and New Girl <3
Green Fashionista

Macy V said...

I am so excited for This Is Us! I love Mandy Moore and Jess is in it too <3 While I miss the Olympics I am really excited for football season and Greys to start again!

Chesson | Magnolia+Main said...

I'm really excited for This is Us... I hope that it's as good as advertised! & yes, I will be watching all 4 episodes of Gilmore Girls as soon as Netflix releases it! Cannot wait for those episodes to come out!

Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

I really want to watch The Good Place (seriously this is the first time I've heard about it, but with your recommendation/the fact that Kristen Bell is in has to be good) and This Is Us! SO excited for GG...I just got stressed out thinking I should probably watch the whole series again before then!

Brianne said...

Thanks for reminding me to figure out when my fall shows are coming back on! I'm definitely checking out The Good Place & This Is Us.

Carly said...

I feel like the Olympics were like a vacation-- so awesome, but now that they're not on anymore it almost feels like they never actually happened, haha. I'm looking forward to This is Us too-- and football returning finally!

Erika Powell said...

yes, yes, yes to all of this. I am super jealous you are going to the Panthers game tonight, we will be watching. And we are planning a party for the season opener. But all your other shows are way up on my must-watch list!

Veronica-VeroSays! said...

So many great shows! Most excited about New Girl!!

Lauren Honeycutt said...

My excitement for Gilmore Girls is OUT OF CONTROL!!! And I'm also really looking forward to This is Us (I have high hopes!)

Jen said...

I am excited for Football!!! Well mostly for my fantasy team haha.

Sarah Kevin said...

The Good Place is seems to be an interesting show right now I have not subscribed BNC channel but it shows good TV shows calling my cable providers so I can watch shows like that.

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