Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Ten Life Goals Before Thirty

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As we approach the end of the year, it's time to start thinking about New Year's Resolutions.  I told myself that unlike last year, I would start them before the new year.  On a grander scale this year, I'm starting to think about the big 3-0.  It's less than two years away, and while I want to make sure I'm enjoying my "youth," I also want to know that I'm prepared for whatever life might throw at me.  I've come up with ten goals for myself that I think will resonate with my fellow millennials:

1 ||| Create a daily health routine: Not only is it important to have your doctors and go to check-ups annually, but you also want to create a practice to stay healthy at home.  Beginning every morning with a healthy breakfast and multivitamin is a great place to start.  Centrum® MultiGummies® is a great-tasting, easy-to-take multivitamin supplement.  These multi-benefit multivitamins include 100% or more of essential nutrients, Vitamins B12, D, and E.  Centrum® MultiGummies® makes it easy for me to support my health while enjoying my busy lifestyle.*
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2 ||| Stay active: Go for a walk or bike ride after work, or if you're looking for something more social, many cities have running clubs or young professional intramural leagues for sports like kickball, dodgeball, or softball.  I love playing on a team each week because it keeps me accountable and builds it into my schedule.

3 ||| Save each month: Instead of stopping at the coffee house every morning, make a cup of coffee before you go.  Put that money into savings and create a savings account.  Make sure you have at least 6 months of rent, bills, etc. saved up in case something ever were to happen and you couldn't work.
4 ||| Get a credit card: Start building credit, if you haven't already.  Make a few purchases on the card, but make sure you can pay it off each month.  This will show future lenders that you're responsible and reliable when you're ready to make that big home or car purchase.

5 ||| Own something: Either purchase something that you can make payments on to further improve your credit or buy it outright to feel a sense of ownership and responsibility.

6 ||| Travel: This might feel like it goes against the last three, but this one is important, too.  Life will never be the same after your 20s, so make sure you take advantage.  Once you're saved enough for an emergency stash, keep saving to enjoy a vacation or weekend getaway.
7 ||| Learn to cook: Even if it's just basic recipes, know your way around the kitchen.  This will also help you save money each month; cooking is much less expensive than ordering take-out or eating at a restaurant every night.
8 ||| Volunteer your time: Find an organization that aligns well with your beliefs and spend time helping.  Whether it's helping kids, animals, women, the environment, or the arts, find something that resonates with you.  Since we are all trying to save money, a donation might not be possible, but hours volunteering are always appreciated.

9 ||| Keep in touch: Find your mom's old address book and make sure you save everyone's phone numbers and addresses.  Send Christmas cards, call on birthdays, and make time just to say hello.
10 ||| Learn who you are: What do you value?  Who are you when no one is looking?  How do you handle a situation when you come face-to-face with success of failure?  Know who you are, create the best possible you, and appreciate yourself.

All of my millennial friends, what goals do you have for yourself over the next few years?  If one of them includes staying healthy, you can download Centrum® coupons by clicking here.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Lauren Honeycutt said...

Awww what a great post! And I believe that being healthier is so important, and it's way easier when vitamins are made in gummy form!

Brianne said...

Love all of this. I have just under 2 years until 30 as well & I need to put more of this into action. I started taking gummy vitamins daily a few months ago...because gummy vitamins are always better.

Unknown said...

As someone about to turn 30 I was scared to read your post. But these are all great goals and I'm happy to say I've checked them all off!

BLovedBoston said...

I'm getting so bad about buying coffee out...I need to break that habit and I turn 30 in March (eek) you still have plenty of time! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

Carly said...

This is such a great list with so much variety! Being more active and learning to cook are two things on my list to improve on next year!

Rebecca Jo said...

I'm all about saving for 2017! ON a mission!

Yesenia said...

You're honestly in my brain. Everything on this list are goals before 30! They're grown up goals that I am going to continue to try to accomplish my whole life. Thanks for sharing <3 Happy Hump day!

Jen said...

These are such great tips especially when it comes to saving, Kyle and I always make sure that we "pay" ourselves first, meaning money goes into savings every month.

Ashley Lillis said...

I feel like I still struggle with getting a healthy routine going and sticking with it. Hopefully I'll do better in 2017 than I did in 2016!

Macy V said...

I love everything you listed and agree wholeheartedly! Getting into a healthy route is forever on my list of things to do, I wish there was a class to teach you how to do it ;)

Elle Sees said...

Volunteering and traveling are two of my faves!!

Emily @ Martinis | Bikinis said...

All very important and things I actually enjoy doing, well except saving but I do that anyway. Travel is the top of my list but volunteering, cooking and figuring out a healthy routine are high up on my list.

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