Thursday, March 2, 2017

Transitioning Your Skin To Spring

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Spring weather is finally here!  Especially if you live in the East, the temperatures have been wonderful over the last week, and I cannot wait to spend more time in the sun.  With winter (hopefully) behind us, I'm ready to transition my skincare to reflect the new season.  Goodbye dry, cracked skin and heavy makeup; hello to sun-kissed, moisturized skin.  I have five tips for you today to get your face and body ready for springtime.
Tip 1: Spring clean your bathroom - What products haven't you used in months?  If it's a year old, it could be filled with bacteria and leading to your clogged pores.  Start fresh this spring with everything new and clean.

Tip 2: Exfoliate - We all have that dead, flaky skin after a cold and dry winter, and we need to start each day with a smooth, fresh face.  I have turned to the Remington Facial Cleansing Brush to keep my face looking and feeling the best it can.  With its ability to clean 10x better than manual cleansing, you will be sure get a deep clean you can see.  It's shower-proof, rechargeable, and has three speeds to start slow on your sensitive winter skin and increase as your skin gets stronger and healthier.  The Remington Facial Cleansing Brush is available at Walmart and on
Tip 3: Switch to a moisturizer with SPF - Don't forget the sunscreen!  Even if we're outside for a few minutes each day, our skin is feeling the results of the sun and can get subsequent sun damage.  I tend to have oily skin, so I choose a moisturizer with 30 SPF instead of separate sun protection.  These moisturizers are great and feel so light on my face.
Tip 4: Spring for a new makeup routine - To continue to help your face feel light and smooth, opt for a bb cream instead of a thick foundation.  Choose the right shade for your skin as it tans this spring and summer.  When it's time for colorful accents like eye shadow, lip color, and nail polish, consider lighter pastels.
Tip 5: Stay hydrated - Skin is an organ, made up of cells, which are composed of water.  If they don't get enough water, skin can become dull, flaky, itchy, and wrinkly.  Don't forget your 8 glasses of water a day!

There you have it!  What do you to differently for your skin in the winter versus the spring?  What are you excited for this springtime?


Pamela {Sequins and Sea Breezes} said...

Great tips girl! Yes a million times over to exfoliation and a moisturizer with SPF! This sounds like a great product and a much better price point than the Clarisonic! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

Julie said...

Transitioning in our weather means finding a good lotion and sticking with it and applying it left and right. Because everything is so dry!

Nikki @ makeupHER said...

Such great tips, there is something about Spring that just makes everything feel light and fresh so you would want your beauty routine to reflect that!

Ashley @ A Cute Angle said...

Such great tips! Now I just have to wait for Spring weather to get here!

Jen said...

I need to empty out my old makeup and get new stuff ASAP. It's always nice to do that every now and then.

Christine said...

That brush seems amazing! And I really need to get some new makeup, too...I hardly use mine so I definitely forget to replace it often enough.

Aimee Mars said...

Ah, I so need to do this. My skin has NOT at all liked these back and forth and up and down temps lately.

morgan said...

Love this. Your skin is SO important and this is the time of year when you can really damage it! great tips.

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