Monday, March 6, 2017

What I Wore: Daytona 500

If you missed the full recap of my first Daytona 500 experience, you can check it out here.  Today is all about #3 on my race day tips: what to wear.  Each year, the Daytona 500 takes place in February, so you never know what the weather will hold, even though you're in Florida.  Luckily, the Southeast was having an amazing heat wave at the end of last month, so I got to bust out a summer outfit favorite.  Of course, I made sure to also layer up with a jean jacket earlier in the day.  We got there at 7:30am as the sun was coming up and didn't leave until 7pm, after the sun set, so we had a wide range of temperatures.  Out in our seats and down on the in field, the sun was shining, but under the stands, the wind was whipping, so it ranged at least 10 degrees, depending on where you were. 

Last summer, I absolutely loved Lilly Pulitzer's Ritz Romper.  It's made of the most comfortable and lightweight cotton ever, the elastic at the top is super strong (no pulling up over and over), and there are pockets... perfection.  I am really hoping Lilly brings one back this summer!

All of my friends who had previously been to a race told me that closed-toed shoes and sunnies were must-wears, so I obviously chose my favorites Chuck Taylors and a pair of my new favorite sunglasses from Nectar.  They're a Charleston-based company with proceeds from each pair sold going to repopulate honeybees across the U.S.  I love local companies, especially those with a philanthropic mission.
Oh yes, and one other must-wear: ear protection.  We rented a scanner with those big over-ear muffs, but I also suggest spending $2 at your local home improvement store to get some ear plugs.  They muffle the cars just enough as they're rushing by you, and you can still hear everything going on in the scanner.
We had the best time at the race and are already planning our next adventure this spring to Darlington.  Have you ever been to a car race?  What did you wear?


kerri @ cheshire kat said...

ok a romper is the best idea for the daytona 500. i love it! and the cute sneaks really make it the best. also the sunnies that help the bees?! i need!

xoxo cheshire kat

Carly said...

That warm sunny weather looks amazing right now! The romper is so cute & comfort is always important for events like this, so it's nice when something can check off both boxes!

Ashley @ A Cute Angle said...

This romper is so cute! I love the way you styled it.

Jen said...

I am loving this romper!! So cute and it looks really comfortable.

Ashley @ The Wandering Weekenders said...

That's so awesome that you got to break out some summer clothes for the race! That romper is too cute, and what a great idea to bring a jean jacket just in case you get cold!

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

Love that Lilly romper!!

Emily @ Martinis | Bikinis said...

The colors of that romper are gorgeous and it looks so comfortable for a sunny day!

Julie said...

When I go to Nascar, I either wear Dale Jr's colors or this shirt I was gifted years ago:

I love fun shirts like that!

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