Friday, August 18, 2017

Five Loves on Friday

Happy Friday, everyone!  I hope it's been a great week!  I struggled a little with what to write on this Friday, so I thought I'd go a little random and share five things I'm loving:

Starbucks Peach Citrus Infusion: Has anyone else tried Starbucks's new iced tea infusions?  I love that they aren't too sweet on their own and really taste like fruit.  I totally mess up my baristas, though, and ask for the peach citrus infusion in black tea when it usually comes with white tea.  The black tea infusion is pineapple, and it's just not as refreshing on hot days!
Great American Eclipse: Monday!! I remember when it was 365 days away, and now it's only 3.  I am just praying the sun is out, and the weather is beautiful.  It's been so hot in Charleston (heat indexes around 110 degrees) so there have been a ton of pop-up storms.  We are planning to spend the whole day on Sullivan's Island, enjoying the beach, eating some Poe's or Home Team, and visiting Fort Moultrie.

The Sinner: Jessica Biel has always been my favorite.  When I saw she had a mini series coming out on USA, I had to DVR it.  It's three of eight episodes in, and I'm hooked.  If you have on-demand, I think most providers have it available there to catch up.  New episodes are on every Wednesday night!

Target jewelry: Confession - I lose earrings all. the. time.  Target has some really cute stuff for the fall, and I just bought a couple pairs in each metal: silver, gold, and rose gold.  Plus, a cute, versatile necklace!  Can't go wrong with a good deal, right?!
Trader Joe's: There's a TJ's across the street from my office.  If I go there once each week, that's light.  Seriously, it's addicting.  Everything from their frozen meals for lunch to the fresh flowers is awesome.  My current obsession are the dark chocolate peanut butter cups.


Rebecca Jo said...

I've tried some of the infusion teas & have liked them all. You're right- they're not too sweet at all. That's why I knew my husband would like them - he's not a sweet tasting fan of drinks.

I'm so anxious about the eclipse. Praying for clear skies!!!!

Jen said...

Oh Target! They really knock it out of the park with most of their stuff. I am loving all of the fall items they have.

Nicole said...

I love Starbucks Peach Green Tea Lemonade. I'm guessing it's a bit of the same!

Ericka said...

I'm loving The Sinner! So good! Jessica Biel is amazing in her role. I hate waiting a week between episodes...I just want to binge watch them all in a row :)

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