Friday, November 3, 2017

Local Sweets: Baker and the Farmer

My sweet tooth is pretty serious.  In my mind, every meal should end with dessert, and anytime I'm craving something, 90% of the time it's something sweet.  This summer, I saw on Instagram that there was a new dairy and bakery opening on Johns Island, just between the Angel Oak and Low Tide BreweryBaker and the Farmer creates their own hand-spun ice cream as well as a variety of sweets.  Everything is made with local ingredients, and they have some awesomely unique toppings like chocolate balsamic sauce and lemon sprinkles for their ice cream. 
I love the bright and colorful decor inside, and each sweet, from the cookies to cheesecakes and doughnuts to tarts look delicious in their cases.  They definitely pay as much attention to presentation as they do to taste!  My favorite thing is that they post almost daily on their Instagram page with the day's ever-changing ice cream flavors as well as new ideas they're cooking up. 
The waffle cone might be my absolute favorite item at Baker and the Farmer, closely followed by their chocolate with cake ice cream or dark chocolate cherry macaroons.  How cute is their building, too?!
As you can see, we always take home quite the assortment, and there's always something new to taste.  Last time we were in, we were excited to try the "happy accident" of cheesecake batter mixed with warm chocolate ganache.  They also sell local Lowcountry Creamery milk, and what a perfect thing to bring home to enjoy with our cookies or cupcakes!
I was in no way paid for this post but, as always, love sharing my favorite spots around town so locals and vacationers can enjoy the best!  

How big is your sweet tooth??  What's your favorite dessert?


BLovedBoston said...

Everything looks so delicious there!! Love a cute bakery! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

Kaitlyn Danielle said...

That place looks so cute. I love the fun color scheme. I tried to convince my boyfriend to let me decorate our kitchen with cow painintgs but he wasn't for it...I think all the cow prints lately are just so cute. I'm with you. I always have a sweet tooth.

Kaitlyn |

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

Such a cute shop! I'm totally craving cookies and milk now <3
Green Fashionista

Sparkles and Lattes said...

Oh wow. Just wow. I am sooo hungry for sweets now. They all look soooo good.

Missy said...

Oh man this all looks so good! I haven't had a proper waffle cone in so long!

LHWinstead said...

This looks like such a cute place!! The food pics - yummm!!

Unknown said...

Im hoping they will make some breads especially traditional sourdough!!

Emily @ Martinis | Bikinis said...

Such a cute shop! I don't have a huge sweet tooth but the cookies look delicious!

Jen said...

Oh my! I need all of this. I am usually in denial about my sweet tooth. I try to tell myself I don't have one, but that's just a lie haha.

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