Monday, October 15, 2012

my favorites: hard apple cider

i guess i'm not a very good blogger.  as i see it, all bloggers are supposed to love fall.  and while i am excited for "it's the great pumpkin swap," i am NOT a fan of autumn weather, wearing tons of layers, replacing my sandals with boots, or ending golf and comfortable outdoor running season. 

one of the only thing i like about fall [besides the things i will be sending to my partner for the swap], is apple cider.  i really like regular cider, but hard cider is my favorite.  here are a few of the ones i enjoy:

mike bought us crispin "original" a few weeks back, and it was delicious!  however, it almost tasted a little more summery than autumny because it was crisp, but not sweet, and literally tasted like eating a red delicious apple.  it was best over ice.  next, we decided to try the "honey crisp."  it was a little more bitter, and we tasted the most honey flavor at the bottom.  because it's unfiltered, i would suggest rolling it before drinking to ensure an even taste throughout.

yuengling is a staple in my house [whenever someone brings it up from new york or new jersey], and it reminds me of football games - so i guess it fits the autumn profile.  we also tried crisp woodchuck cider, which pretty much tasted like watered-down apples.

instead, we prefer the granny smith woodchuck.  it's made with only granny smith apples, so it's much more tart than your typical cider. 

 the first ever cider i tried was the harpoon cider.  it's a bit sweeter than original crispin, but not too tart.  i usually don't like pumpkin beers, but harpoon has a very light-looking pumpkin cider [i'm not a big fan of dark beers] that i am definitely interested in trying.

i first had the original angry orchard "crisp apple" at a tailgate and fell in love.  it was a bit sweeter than other ciders and the first one was very enjoyable.  however, after that, it was a bit too sweet.  that's why i wanted to try the "traditional dry."  it tastes similar, but i've learned that it does not have extra apple juice added so that's what makes it taste less sweet.

i know they're not cider, but look at all of the fun wines, tequila, and vodka i received for my birthday and can't wait to try!


Jane said...

I freaking love you and this post! I want all of these right now! What a great post and reviews!

ChatterBlossom said...

I've only ever had one taste of Woodchuck and liked it, but otherwise I haven't ever had hard cider. I know, right?! Crazy! I will definitely have to take one of your suggestions this fall.

Vi said...

I love hard cider, Woodchuck is my favorite but I'm excited to try the others you mentioned now too!

Angi said...

Would you believe I have never tried hard cider?? I think that needs to change...haha.

Also - you should definitely try making pumpkin waffles! They were really really good!

Meg said...

Hahaha oh my gosh this comment made me laugh so hard - glad you liked it and thank you!!

Meg said...

If you like Woodchuck, I would say try Angry Orchard first, some are pretty similar!

Meg said...

You definitely should, thanks for visiting, Claire!

Meg said...

Alright, pumpkin waffles this weekend for sure! haha

Jamie said...

I miss drinking! Definitely one of the least fun parts of pregnancy. Thanks for linking up!

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