Wednesday, October 17, 2012

renovation: basement and bar

it's been a while since we technically finished the first half of our basement and bar (take a look at that renovation progress here).  we decided not to do anything crazy with the second half of basement.  it's become a dart/chill/watch tv/play games kind of area.  

just an fyi, this is a very photo heavy post: i had a lot i wanted to share!!

we've primed, painted, stained and put up moulding.  we added a futon and dart cabinet to the newly finished side as well as a tv to the bar.  all we need is an end table that i plan to make out of collected bottle caps.

progress and working:

we had my birthday party in our basement [because it was 30 degrees outside], and about 15-20 of us enjoyed the space very comfortably!

so, here are our before and after photos!  the before photos were taken in february of 2010 and the afters were taken a couple days ago [so, october 2012].

now here's the last real reno to do in the house - the basement kitchen and laundry area.

view from the main basement area

and here's what will make my new beautiful table.  now i just need to find a table on craigslist!


Jane said...

WOW! I wouldn't even know that was the same basement. It looks spectacular! You guys did a great job!

ChatterBlossom said...

Very nice job!! That is quite an accomplishment and probably feels awesome to have most of the work behind you!

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