Friday, October 26, 2012


a few of you yesterday asked about my love for tattoos and what i'll be getting next.

ever since the beginning of college, they have fascinated me,  however, while in college i never thought that i had anything with "enough meaning" to get tattooed on my body permanently.  i've now learned that a tattoo can stand for anything - or even nothing at all.  both of the tattoos i have/will be getting soon mean something to me, but that definitely wouldn't stop me from getting something as a purely beautiful work of art in the future.

my first tattoo: i love rhode island - more than anything.  i love my hometown, my parents, my friends, and i had one of the best childhoods any girl could ask for.  however, i know that i will probably never live in rhode island again [at least while i'm in my working years].  unfortunately, there really aren't any places for me to work in the industry i'm in now, so in the coming years, moving south [potentially to florida] will almost definitely be in the cards.

well, when i saw this on my cousin's pinterest, i knew it was perfect.  it's small, artsy, and perfect for rhode island.  i got this tattoo in april and absolutely love it.
this was the day after i got it

you know i love it when i'm buying new sandals [in new england] in october to show it off.  i've never had crocs before but these are SO COMFORTABLE.

this was today at my desk.  like my halloween-y nails?

alright, my next tattoo:  the photo below shows the overall idea, but the word "LOVE" will be in my dad's handwriting and the heart will be in my mom's.  

i really am a daddy's girl.  he took me everywhere as a kid: golfing, biking, to the beach, to school... when i went away to college, i taught him how to text.  in every text conversation we have, he ends his last text with "LOVE."  not "i love you," not "goodnight;" just "LOVE" in all caps. 

the heart underneath is how my mom signs every card or note she has ever sent me and how she used to sign notes for my dad when she and i would go out somewhere [remember the days before cell phones??].  when i was away at school, my mom literally sent me a handwritten note EVERY single day.  i loved going to my mailbox on a daily basis and hearing what was going on at home.  i will probably also fill the heart in with an emerald green since that is her absolute favorite color.
so there it is!  i'm thinking it will be somewhere on my back and about the size of a post-it note [or a little bigger].

here are a few other tattoos i've found that i love.  feel free to follow me on pinterest!

i know some of you have tattoos.  i'd love to see what you have/where so share a photo or post!


Angi said...

I love your tattoo(s)! I have an appointment in 2 weeks to get my 3rd tattoo...and then I think I'm going to do a post about my tattoos/piercings. :)

ChatterBlossom said...

That would be so special. I really enjoyed reading why you want your next one. I have "sisters" tattooed in ancient Greek on my foot. My sister has one in ancient Hebrew. They are both in my handwriting and we got them for solidarity after my dad died. I love mine.

Your tattoo on your foot is adorable! I'm always trying to wear shoes that show mine! ;-)

Kate @ Daffodils said...

I dont have any, but have often thought of doing my kids and husbands initials under where I wear my wedding rings. Love the LOVE one and the story behind it!

Meg said...

Wow those tattoos sound beautiful and so meaningful - thanks for sharing!

Meg said...

That's such a great idea - I've seen a couple of ring finger tattoos before and they are just so special and all unique!

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