Thursday, January 10, 2013

If you're in SW FL, you should: visit the Everglades!

Alright, here are our last photos from our trip!  We had such an amazing time, and I cannot wait until next winter for another vacation with Mike!

You might remember when I posted a while back my favorite vacation planning tips.  Well, this adventure was taken straight out of those.  During our trip to Naples, Mike and I drove East, towards the Everglades, to Ave Maria [more about the town later] for an Orange Jeep Tour.  It was fantastic!!!  We basically sat in back of a ramped-up Jeep Wrangler and were guided around seeing wildlife, nature, and just the beauty of the area.  Our tour guide was the man!  The whole tour was almost 2 hours and the whole thing was 50% off with our Living Social deal!

bear marks on the trees

The tour was awesome, but the little manufactured town it was in?  A little scary.  Driving in, there was no one anywhere, and after about 5 minutes of driving on deserted [but obviously brand new] roads, we hit this HUGE cathedral.  The whole town was actually thought up by Domino's founder, Tom Monaghan.  The only real comparison I can think of to this town is The Truman Show.  Has anyone else seen that movie?  Oh, and there's a college on the campus.  Even with that, everything just seemed slightly too quiet and put together.  

I took this photo in the visitor's center [where the Jeep Tour started] just to show the magnitude of the cathedral compared to everything else.  And doesn't it look like a space ship???  After the tour, we decided to go inside, where I took the bottom photo.  Noon mass was about to start so I didn't take any more.  


Jen said...

How fun! That tour looks amazing...ok now I must go to FL. :)

Adria said...

All I can think of when I read this post is Jurassic Park.


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