Wednesday, January 9, 2013

If you're in SW Florida, you should... go to the Gulf

I know I've taken a bit of a break from this, but there have been so many things to say lately [between funny things, Christmas, and swaps].  I figured I should get the rest of last vacation's pictures up before I leave for my next mini one in a little over a week, so here you go...

The Gulf of Mexico is a great place.  We went to two different beaches while we were there - Clam Pass and the Naples Pier.

Here are some of my favorite photos from these adventures:

Clam Pass
adorable shuttle on the 2 mile boardwalk to the beach

and then it got a little cloudy

How cool are those clouds? And welcome to Florida where it only rained for a half hour.

Naples Pier

I love how all the shells are still hinged!

under the pier


Jen said...

Gorgeous! I would love to vacation in Florida, it looks amazing.

Mrs. Duh said...

The Gulf Coast has the most beautiful beaches! My husband is from NW Florida, so we get to visit a lot!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

I love the Gulf so much. We used to go to Orange Beach in college and a few years ago, Kev and I vacationed at Siesta Key. Beautiful pictures!

Anonymous said...

I live on the gulf coast, (even though my blog is called Oceanside, Gulfside didn't sound as cute)
I love love love love the beaches! We live about 5 minutes from Siesta Key Beach, it is ahhmazing!
glad you had so much fun:):)

Kelly said...

Pretty pics :) I love Florida, we were just down in Naples back in September.


Hanna said...

Beautiful pictures!!! Oh your a runner!!!! Nonwonder we were meant to be friends:)

Gail @ said...

Beautiful pictures. The pier and the shells are my favorites. Bless you.

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