Thursday, January 24, 2013

Pawalla Excitement

A while back, Allie had a great Pawalla giveaway.  Unfortunately, I did not win, but it did encourage me to follow Pawalla on Twitter! [See how great giveaways can be?!]

Well, a couple of weeks later, Pawalla did a giveaway asking what followers love most about their cats.    Surprise: this happened!

And when I was gone, Roxy [and Merp]'s package arrived.  [I had to share with Merpy [my roommate's cat]! ...Mostly because he is a fatty; just kidding, we love him, too!]
[more about that second package I received in the mail this weekend]

Oh boy, were they excited!  It included 3 types of treats, 2 types of wet food, a toy, and a stain and odor remover.
What a little snoop

So far, their favorite part is the Wellness Pure Delight jerky.  Stop by the Pawalla shop to find more great items for your pet and to sign up for a monthly box!

"Who wants a treat??" "I do! I do!"

I would LOVE to get one of these boxes each month for my kitties, but with my current finances [even though they are very affordable], I just cannot swing it.  In the future, Roxy will be spoiled rotten with these! I'll start saving now :)

Thanks, Pawalla for making two very happy kitties!


Anonymous said...

Ohmigosh I'm so excited you won a box! I loved the box we got for Casey, it's a really awesome company. Those pictures are great!

Unknown said...

Love those pictures of you and your kitties! I don't know if my cats would like the box. They both don't really like treats or toys. They are just old grumps now.

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