Friday, May 17, 2013

The Best Week of TV Ever

Just an FYI, there are spoiler alerts in this post.  I wrote each tv show in big, bold letters so you can scroll and read the ones you want to, if you'd like.  I also didn't include any spoiler photos, so as you scroll through quickly, you shouldn't be too surprised.  Then again, if you are anywhere near social media, everything has probably been spoiled for you - so watch the shows already!! ;)

Sunday: Revenge - season 2 finale
I usually don't watch shows from the very beginning. I jump on bandwagons once they're on and I know they're good, but Revenge was one of the very few I watched from the start.  I remember seeing this trailer in the summer of 2011, and for some reason it just drew me in.  It's been two seasons now.  I really enjoyed season 1 [maybe because it was the first tv show Mike and I watched together, living together]; I loved how the whole season was done in flashbacks, and Emily VanCamp is just amazing.  Then, with season 2 everything changed [including Takeda haha].  I feel like they only planned for it to be a one and done kind of series, but everyone just loved it, so they had to keep the plot going.  I watched season 2 religiously, and I can honestly say that it's getting a little ridiculous with the number of plot lines.  However, the finale was fantastic: Emily finally told Jack that she's Amanda, poor Nolan, Declan, and Takeda, and what is going on with the "Initiative"???
Monday: HIMYM - season 8 finale
I love HIMYM [but you probably knew that]. I started watching it a couple years ago and have gone though the whole series 3 times on Netflix... plus every time it's on FX or any other cable station, I watch it.  I was soooo excited to meet the mother, which we did on Tuesday.  She is so cute!! I'm still convinced that Craig and Carter [yeah, we're on a first name basis], didn't think there would actually be a season 9, so that's why the finale was so short.  I didn't think it was a great finale, and it didn't really tell us too much, but seeing the mother in the last 10 seconds was well worth it!

Tuesday: Arrested Development - season 3
Alright, so maybe this week hasn't been all new tv, but this is in anticipation of new tv!  In case you didn't know, Arrested Development is coming back for Season 4 in a little over a week.  I AM SO EXCITED.  This is one of those shows I didn't watch until it was off the air, but in the last month, Mike and I have watched seasons 1-3 a couple times through.  We are rewatching season 3 now, and we watched a few episodes on Tuesday night, mostly because I'm ridiculously jealous of my friends in the NYC area who I've seen at the Bluth banana stand!!! #ADWorldTour is in full swing [it was even at Yankee Stadium on Wednesday!!!], and if they were still in NYC this weekend, I was planning on dropping everything to go... seriously.  But alas, it is moving on, and I will have to make my own frozen bananas this weekend.  

Alright, I didn't watch any television, but I did see The Hunger Games for the first time.  Going in I knew nothing, and somehow I basically still knew the whole plot line.  It was a good movie, but not the spectacular event I imagined.  

Thursday: The Office - series finale
The end of an era.  I loved The Office! I started watching it during season 2, when I was in high school.  I'm a sucker for love stories, so Pam and Jim were a very good part of the reason I watched every week.  When they started drifting apart [and coincidentally the plots got worse] in the last couple seasons, I wasn't as invested and sometimes episodes on the DVR sat there for a good month before I would get to them.  

Well, not only was there an hour and 15 minute finale, there was also an hour retrospective beforehand last night.  I loved hearing Jenna, John, Ed, and Rainn talk about their characters as well as the making of each season and even the casting.  One of my favorite parts was watching John's casting video, where he was told to look "sarcastic" and made the first ever "Jim face."

Then there was the finale.  The first 40 minutes were pretty standard: they brought all the cast members together, as it took place a year after last week's episode, and then Jim started with his pranks.  Then, as Jim tells Dwight he can't be his best man, Michael Scott enters.  [Let me just say, Steve Carell is DEFINITELY a silver fox.]  His only line for the first 5 minutes or so is "that's what she says."  He doesn't take over the episode, but you know he's there, and as an Office fan, I am so happy he was.  Mike and I teared up through most of the last half hour, and it was just a fantastic way to end a great 9 season run!

For another fantastic take on last night's episode, Alyssa's post is great


And as if all of those things didn't make it the BEST WEEK OF TV EVER... this week Fox announced that JACK BAUER IS COMING BACK!!!! 2014 cannot get here fast enough.... see what I did there?! ;)


Kristin said...

I've had trouble getting on board The Office for the last 2 seasons. I'm not sure why. Steve Carrell leaving had a lot to do with it though.
I've eventually catch up!

Also, I'm still working my way through Arrested Development season 1!

Megalin said...

I thought the same way about the hunger games. I was like am I the only one who thinks this whole thing is wrong?! And I was soooooo excited about the mother! Most people thought she was gonna be crazy hot but me and J decided she was a good fit because she was cute and quirky- just like Ted

Jen said...

I'm so sad The Office is over!!!

Christine said...

The look on Steve Carell's face after he said "that's what she said" was priceless - you could tell he was so happy to say that line again!

Unknown said...

I never was into the office, but now I think I want to go back and watch it from the begining.

Heather @ From Here to There said...

I forgot to text you, but I saw HIMYM!!!!!!!! I was excited to FINALLY see the mother too! I can't wait for next season! And Barney and Robin were HILARIOUS the entire episode!! Ugh, and poor ted... I mean, his love is about to enter his life, but he just cannot get over Robin! And holy crap, what in the world are marshall and lily going to do!?!? I'm minorly freaking out, don't mind me! :)

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