Friday, January 2, 2015


Happy 2015!  But seriously, how did that happen?!  And how was this my life a year ago!?  I couldn't be happier with my state of being, state of mind, and state I'm in to start this year, so there shouldn't be anything holding me back from making it even better, right?  I have always been the worst at resolutions.  I tell myself I'll do Insanity workouts everyday or go running twice a week and that lasts for all of like 3 weeks.  To date, my best resolution was vowing to go swimming twice a week last year, and that, surprisingly, worked really well last year... and then I screwed it up by moving.  Whoops!  Let's be honest, though, I am even awful at Lent.  40 days is a long time to give up chocolate, so I was always that kid who gave up popcorn or soda (quick story: that was in 5th grade and I literally haven't touched what little soda I used to drink since, so I guess that worked!) or said "I'll only have one sweet a day" ...yeah, pathetic.
How we celebrate NYE in Charleston - a flip flop drop
(instead of a ball drop) at the beach, fireworks, and tons of live music!

Last month, I also signed up with Krista and Kate for The New Year's Resolution Swap Box.  It's a well-known fact that I love swaps as a way to meet new bloggers, and this time around I'm looking forward to having someone hold me accountable and help me with my goals.  So, this year, there's no excuse, I'm going to follow through.

Here are my resolutions:

1. Send out birthday cards.  I started compiling a list last year, and when we were in CT, we took Mike's mom's planner.  She was the keeper of all the knowledge and had everything (birthdays, anniversaries, phone numbers, Mike's friends from middle school's parents' addresses, Laura's SAT scores) written down.  I now have a full list of friends and family members and will be mailing over 70 cards from January 4 through December 30.  Leave me your birthday in a comment and I'll send you a card, too! (Not kidding one bit :) )

2. Exercise at least every other day.  We have a great little gym in our complex, but I've obviously only ever been like 3 times.  I just really want to be more active, no matter what activity it might be.  I teach kids golf in the afternoons, and we do tons of running around and games to help teach them balance and flexibility.  Mike and I also always walk when we play golf, and I count all of that as exercise.  So, if Mike and I haven't played golf or I haven't taught in a day, I better get my butt to the gym or go running.

3. Blog better.  I'm still loving my new design from Jane, Mike bought me a domain and set it up for me yesterday ( - hollah!!!) and I have three goals this year: 1. Blog smarter with new and unique ideas for posts.  Shannon from The Mommy Files reached out to me before the new year and invited me to sign up for Social Fabric, so I can't start working with them as well as a few small businesses I know y'all will just love!  2. Blog more personal: I found one "real life" post in 2014 that didn't have weekend photo frills or a recipe - that'll change this year, for sure.  3. Blog a little harder with better proofreading and more time spent taking photos.  Anyone in the Charleston area have photography class ideas?

And just in case you were wondering about my husband's resolutions, I received a gchat with this little beauty on NYE.  He especially likes #5, and I can guarantee #19 will definitely be successful... as we did on New Year's Eve.


Kristin said...

January 2nd is the worst day to say "I will work out every day" or something. If anything, start February 1st. The masses will be gone from the gyms by then.

Man, it is so cold here. A flip-flop drop sounds fantastic. I'm jealous.

Julie said...

What a fun "ball" drop! We had a music note drop in Nashville, it was fun!

Jen said...

I love that ball drop so fun! :) Here is to an awesome 2015!

Jillian said...

great goals for 2015!! i need to send out more birthday cards and thank you notes! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

Andrea H. said...

Love the fireworks/flip flop ball drop! Very neat! And I totally did the same thing in 7th grade with giving up soda and haven't touched it since. How funny! Here's to a happy, heatlhy, and successful new year :)

Anonymous said...

Aah at least every other day is so doable and so hard for working out. Like your goals, lady, and trying to get as motivated as you are!

Kerry @ Till Then Smile Often said...

Too cute that it is a flip flop. I really like your blog goals, I need to do the same and plan better.

Jenny @ Creatively Blooming said...

The flip flop drop is really cool! What fun! I can't remember the last time we did something for new years eve. This year we were in a hotel. The baby was the only one who wanted to party. The rest of us wanted to sleep after 8 hours on the road. Love your resolutions. The idea for the birthday cards is great! So much more personal than a FB post.

Heather @ No Bologna Blog said...

Yay for domain names!! I remember that being a big deal to me when I got mine! Not sure why I waited so long now! :) I'll be checking to see if you worked out when I come visit... if it's been more than a day, your booty is coming with me on part of that run I have to do! "See ya real soon!" (In my best Mickey voice!)

Lisa C said...

I mean, it's pretty important to hold onto your kids' SAT scores even when they're done with college, haha.

Nicole said...

I've also made a goal to send birthday cards (with a smaller list :) this year. A goal I make every year and fail. This year I bought every single card I am going to send, wrote a message, and addressed them before Jan.1st. Maybe this year will be successful?!? I wish you the best on your resolutions!

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