Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Guys Get Ready

Happy New Year everyone!! I hope you enjoyed my Christmas and NYE-inspired wedding looks, but now that it's 2015, I'm back to my wedding recaps.  About a month ago, I shared photos of getting ready with my girls.  Today, it's the guys' turn!

Obviously, I don't know exactly what was going on in those suites, but I think the photo below, compared to this, paints a pretty nice picture of their chaos compared to the cool, calm, and collected morning we had.  Let's put it this way, all of the girls' flowers were delivered to the hotel rooms, but the guys got theirs at the church so they didn't forget them - my florist is smart, huh?!  The guys got to wake up a little later than us and Mike put out the same mimosa bar as we had.  I heard there was some drinking, some tv watching, all the good stuff.  The photographer spent most of the morning with us, but did snap a few photos.  

Dagron the Dragon was ready for the day... you might have seen our golfing photo in our Christmas card.  More to come, too!

Knowing that the guys couldn't forget their flowers, I had this feeling that at least one of them would forget one of the gifts we had given them the night before, but we were pleasantly surprised!  Each groomsman and dad made it to the church with their socks and cuff links, and a couple even brought the Zippos haha.  Like with the girls, we wanted to get things the guys could use for the wedding but also enjoy more than once.  Mike decided on: Smartwool Diamond Jim Socks, personalized Classic Zippo lighters, and Tahitian Teal cuff links from Lacy Laura Gray on Etsy (that matched the girls' necklaces and earrings).
Obviously, since I got a robe and hanger for myself, Mike also got the lighter as well as socks and dark plum cuff links to match his vest and tie. 

And, of course, we couldn't forget our ring bearer and got him this adorable shirt from Kids Rock Clothing, also on Etsy.

We were so happy that the guys loved their gifts!  We even took this great photos, showing off their socks (and my awesome purple shoes haha).
As you can imagine, getting photos of cuff links isn't really a thing, so I found a couple of dancing photos that showed from off from after the jackets came off:

Last but not least, before the wedding, Laura over at Lacy Laura Gray sent me a few extra pieces to give away to you, lovely readers!  For this giveaway, there will be three winners: the first winner chosen will get to choose the piece they want, then the second will get the next choice, and the third will get the last one.  Good luck!
Something Blue sea glass necklace /// Cobalt Blue sea glass earrings /// Seafoam Green sea glass necklace

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Unknown said...

Thank you for hosting this link-up and giveaway!!

Rachel said...

I love your ring bearer's shirt! So cute!

Jen said...

That ring bearer shirt is so cute, I love it! :)

Ashley Bree said...

I love this one:

Angi said...

That jewelry is gorgeous! Sea glass has a soft spot in my heart, my mom collected it for the longest time and when I got a bit older we'd go to the beach together to collect it. I'm loving these purple earrings from her shop:

Also, funny story. Isaiah forgot his black socks at our wedding so he grabbed whatever he could find, which ended up being a pair of Nike ankle socks, like you'd wear with running shoes. You couldn't tell at all except for ONE picture where our photographer had him crouching down, and then you can clearly see the Nike "swoosh", haha!

Elizabeth McMullen said...

That ring bearer shirt is perfect!
Beardy Heart Beauty

Nichole @ said...

Don't guys always look more relaxed in the getting ready photos than girls?! No fair, lol

Andrea H. said...

Great gift ideas! We went for practical as well :) Best way to go for sure!!

Katie @ Chalk it up to Better Luck said...

I love the Pear earrings! So cute. I love this kind of jewelry

Rebecca Jo said...

I love the overhead shoe shot :)

Anonymous said...

Our bridesmaid dresses are super similar especially in the color! Love the giveaway - thanks, friend :)

Anonymous said...

PS email me your Insta name - feel like we are friends on there but can't find it!?

Julie said...

What cute ideas!!

Patty said...

Awesome gift ideas ideas!!!! Love the socks. What man doesn't need socks 😛

Emily @ Martinis | Bikinis said...

Love your purple shoes! I bought purple shoes as well and somehow managed to lose them on my wedding night!

Unknown said...

These are lovely!!

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