Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Second Anniversary Gifts: Cotton

I can't believe that in just under a month, Mike and I will be married for two years!  It's been a crazy year and so rewarding.  We bought our Charleston home, traveled to new places, and lost a total of 65 pounds together.  Obviously, it's time to start thinking about shopping for gifts!  Last year, we stuck to the traditional paper and gifted each other tickets to a Philadelphia Eagles game in Atlanta - the opening Monday Night game against the Falcons.  This year, the traditional gift is "cotton."
Living in the South, cotton is everywhere, so it's the perfect gift inspiration!  I've rounded up 10 gift ideas for him and her that your spouse would love (or at least I'd love) to receive:
1 ||| I love these cotton wreaths from local South Carolina artists.  I first saw them around Christmas in gift shops but love the way they look throughout the year outside our neighbors' homes.

2 ||| I am obsessed with Cat Studio products.  They make beautiful pillows, glasses, and tea towels with amazingly intricate designs representing cities, states, national parks, and colleges.  This Charleston pillow has been on my wish list forever!

3 ||| If you're like us and are decorating, a fancy accent chair that you might not normally buy could be a great gift!

4 ||| With our anniversary in September coinciding with the start of football season, an NFL or college-themed gift like this Eagles shirt would be perfect.  Pack it with some tickets to a game, and your significant other will be one happy camper!

5 ||| Matching aprons for y'all who enjoy spending time together in the kitchen.

6 ||| How adorable is this hammock?!  And it has tassels!

7 ||| Two years in, maybe those sheets from your wedding registry could be replaced?  I love the pattern of these Egyptian cotton ones!

8 ||| Monogram this LL Bean tote, pack it with a picnic, and enjoy an afternoon together!

9 ||| Speaking of monograms, I love the font on these turkish towels.  They come in six different colors, too.

10 ||| Last, but not least, my favorite: a cotton candy maker!  Yes, I know I stretched this one a bit, but if your significant other has a sweet tooth, this would be such a fun gift!

If you're looking for more gift ideas, you can see my full list of first anniversary "paper" gifts here.  

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Kate at Green Fashionista said...

Awesome ideas! The hammock sounds wonderful, and how cute are those matching aprons <3
Green Fashionista

Chesson | Magnolia+Main said...

That cotton wreath is such a good idea! It would look great in your new home, too.

Hippie in Heels said...

These are all so great! I love the wreath and Charleston pillow, SO cute! Happy Anniversary!

Nichole @ said...

Wow, time flies! I think that hammock is a fun cotton gift for year two!

Emily said...

Oh man, you've got some great cotton ideas! That accent chair is pretty awesome... I'd take it ;)

I got Freddie a giant tub of cotton candy and good seats to an Astros game for our second anniversary last year. Looks like sport related anniversary gifts are the smart way to go based off of your first anniversary gift! :)

Robin said...

We also try to do something for the traditional gifts. Our fifth anniversary was in December...the gift was wood, and my husband bought me a nice wooden tea box. This year is candy and iron.

Monica {Cake and Lilies} said...

That Charleston pillow is so cute! And I just got another L.L. Bean tote...seriously the best. You can never have too many :) Happy Anniversary!!

Anonymous said...

Love these ideas! I'm about to bring out my cotton wreath for the front door - it's been a favorite of mine.

Julie said...

Keith and I travel for anniversaries so no clue what I gave him but that same year my girls night group was celebrating 2 years and I gave each girl a cotton ball :D

Erika Powell said...

I love all the Cat Studio products too! That pillow is adorable. These aer all great ideas

Unknown said...

Love this list! You included a lot of gifts I would not have thought of.

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