Friday, February 16, 2018

Exploring Avondale

For those who have been to Charleston before, you might know that our area is broken up into a bunch of different sections by the rivers that cut through the Lowcountry.  Each one of these areas has its own little neighborhoods that make it unique.  North Charleston has Park Circle, (my favorite place to get a burrito), downtown has Harleston Village, Mount Pleasant has the Old Village, and West Ashley has Avondale.  Living in West Ashley, I am partial to Avondale; it has our favorite brewery, a bunch of parking (optimal for Charleston!), a few great restaurants, and the best street art anywhere in the city.

The chART Initiative was started as an outdoor art gallery to support contemporary artists.  It gives so much life and color to the streets of Charleston, in an otherwise very historic and strictly regulated area.  Even as you're driving into Avondale on Savannah Highway, you can start to see bits and pieces of art on each building.
Charles Towne Fermentory in Avondale is our go-to spot.  I shared about it earlier this month in my third installment of local breweries, but it definitely deserves to be mentioned again.  They have a rotating cycle of delicious beers, and they're known for their New England-style IPAs and Gose.  Right now, I am obsessed with their Skipjack Oyster Gose.  They also have a small rotating kitchen inside with some awesome chefs coming in throughout the week.  Anything from ramen to a lobster roll and huevos rancheros to cheeseburgers is available in their kitchen on any given night.

And after you've had a drink or two, make sure you stroll to the alley behind the Fermentory for some of the best art in Avondale.  You can even catch a glimpse of the brewery behind the Fermentory taproom through the windows.
Across the street from the Fermentory is the best place for cheese steaks in the city: DB's.  I especially love the mural outside their shop - it's a full map of Avondale with the big horse nose where DB's is.  Funny story: that horse wasn't originally part of the design, and there was a DB's logo over the shop on the map.  City of Charleston ordinances only allow one piece of signage per restaurant, so they had to put the horse over it to cover the additional advertising!
Walk across Avondale and Maple streets from DB's to get to some of our other favorite restaurants in the area.  Verde salads are my go-to for lunch, Mellow Mushroom has delicious pizza, and I still have a Groupon to Al Di La that I need to use!
After dinner, don't forget to walk behind Mellow's strip to see even more fantastic art!  No matter where you go in Avondale, you're bound to see or try something really cool and unique.  If you're in Charleston, I definitely suggest a visit to my favorite neighborhood.
Do you have a favorite neighborhood in your city?  


Emily @ Martinis | Bikinis said...

What a pretty neighborhood to explore with all the street art and cute signs! Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis

Missy said...

I love all the murals! We are trying to encourage more here. I have several favorite parts of my city and I feel like our cities are very similar. I will get to Charleston one day!

Megan said...

Ahhhh! I love this post because this was one of my favorite parts of our trip to Charleston in November. Going from downtown where I couldn't find art ANYWHERE to Avondale where it was abundant was so so cool! LOVE that there was patch whiskey piece in Avondale but so bummed we missed it! we learned about him from his mural at Taco Boy and have been researching where to find his artwork elsewhere!

Julie said...

Ha this made me think of Anne of Green gables!

Kaitlyn Danielle said...

I love street art. It brings life to historical areas. We have a lot of murals here around Atlanta too. The astronaut global warming mural is great lol.

Jen said...

The street art is absolutely amazing!!!

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