Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Simple Pleasures on Valentine's Day

Happy heart day, friends!  
I hope all of you treat yo'self a little today.  We have kickball tonight, and I made some treats for our teams.  I thought it would be fun to share some simple pleasures on the blog today.  I have little notes in my phone and in my planner, and I've been trying to keep track of more fun, positive things recently.  So, here are my simple pleasures, this time, related to "firsts:"
  • The first day of a new Pandora month, when you feel like you have limitless skips
  • A brand new EOS lip balm - it's so perfectly spherical!
  • That first giant chip when you open a new party-size bag
  • When you buy a new bathing suit and the inner padding is in the right place... for the only time ever
  • The smell inside a new peanut butter jar
  • How long your phone battery lasts when you first buy it
  • The first beach day of the year
  • New car smell
  • The first spring blooms of the year - coming soon in Charleston!


kerri @ cheshire kat said...

oh goodness i love all these things. how hilarious about the bathing suit thing? lol. something that annoys us all and why have they not figured out how to fix it ha. and now i want some peanut butter :) happy day!

xoxo cheshire kat

BLovedBoston said...

Oh my gosh - yes to the phone battery lasting for such a long time!! I didn't even think about the bathing suit thing, but totally true! Happy Valentine's Day! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

Angela said...

This is a great list. I don't just love the smell of a new jar of peanut butter, I also love the smoothness. My Mom used to get so annoyed when I was little because I kept opening a new jar of peanut butter before the new one was used up because I liked how smooth the new jar looked when I first opened it!

Rebecca Jo said...

HAHA - I love a good new chapstick too -whichever kind it is
I cry at how little my phone battery lasts now so I'm waiting for that long extended AHHH moment again :)

Missy said...

lol to the bathing suit one, so dang true! I miss new car smell. Happy Valentines Day!

Girl Meets Bow said...

This list made me smile! Yes to the padding being in place on a swimsuit... add sports bras to that category too! ha. Happy Valentine's Day!

Jen said...

This list is awesome! It really is the little things that can make you smile.

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

Yessss to all of this! Especially new car smell - my jam <3
Green Fashionista

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