Monday, March 26, 2018

Five Brunch Favorites for a Crowd

It was another brunch-filled weekend at our house.  On Saturday, we went out to try a new place and on Sunday, we hosted friends for Mario Kart brunch.  Somehow it's still only in the 50s, so after planning a lawn games brunch, it quickly changed to video games.  We made 3 new casseroles (thanks, Pinterest!!), so I decided to share my review of those with y'all as well as some of our other favorite brunch dishes for a crowd.

1. Monte Cristo Sliders - These were a hit yesterday!  And seriously, they were so easy to make.  Since a whole pack of Kings Hawaiian rolls in half, stuff with meat and cheese, and throw them in the oven.  The best part is the sprinkled powdered sugar over the top!

2. Ham and Cheddar Quiche - This was one of our first ever brunch favorites.  I love quiches because they can be served at room temperature, and everyone still enjoys them. 
3. Tater Tot Sausage Casserole - Another new one from yesterday; this is the perfect hangover food!  It's delicious and filling, and I'm not going to lie, I might have messed up the ingredients.  I only bought one pound of sausage, but I thought it still came out really well. 
4. Ham and Swiss Rolls - We make these every year on Christmas morning with Mike's family.  You can either make them ahead of time and bake them off early, or set up a station where people can make and fill their own. 
5. Huevos Rancheros Breakfast Casserole - So... we might have skipped the first step of crisping our own tortillas (and used store-bought chips), but this was really good.  My one suggestion is to take the casserole out of the oven when the egg white are still a little runny.  They will continue to cook even out of the oven, and this will make sure the yolks aren't overcooked. 
And (because it's Mike's absolute favorite) one more: sausage gravy and biscuits.  This isn't typically the best for a crowd (why I didn't include it in this list), but we have found that you can make a whole batch in the morning, and it stays fresh and warm pretty well in a slowcooker.


Pamela {Sequins and Sea Breezes} said...

Omg I want all of this!! Those ham and Swiss rolls... yeah I’m seriously drooling right now!

kerri @ cheshire kat said...

wow i'm drooling, lol to echo pamela. those ham and swiss rolls and the tot dish - can i have that immediately if not sooner? haha

xoxo cheshire kat

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

I want to make all of these!!

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

Oh my goodness this all looks amazing! I just finished dinner, and yet now I'm hungry again! Brunch is the BEST meal of the week, and Mario Kart?! YES please <3
Green Fashionista

Jen said...

Those monte cristo sliders looks absolutely amazing! I might have to steal that idea!

Emily @ Martinis | Bikinis said...

Delicious! Quiche is always an easy dish to whip together but your sausage biscuits and gravy look amazing. I've never made them at home. Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis

a little bit of emily said...

That heuvos rancheros breakfast casserole sounds SO GOOD!

Missy said...

Yum to all of but especially the huevos rancheros, that is my go to thing to order at brunch!

Lisa C said...

Please come make brunch at my house! I'm going try the huevos recipe because Mac LOVES huevos.

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