Friday, June 1, 2012

the best weekend ever: part 3

dave matthews band.

after waking up at 7:00 am to run color me rad, we all proceeded to pass out [from exhaustion and a food coma from amazing cupcakes], while watching parks & rec and how i met your mother.  the main reason, however, for our much needed nap was that our day was not even half over.  four of us that ran the race: mike, leah, kane, and i trekked into hartford for an AMAZING concert.  that's right, not only were the four of us the awesome ones who made it through TWO color throws, we also rallied for a fun tailgate and concert.

we left our house at 3:30 with a grill, hotdogs, lots of beers, the leftover cupcakes and found a random parking lot to tailgate.  it was really fun!  we listened to lot of loud music, ate, chatted, drank some beers, and made friends with the people a couple cars over to play flip cup!

oh, and leah found a hula hoop! 

we love sabretts!
my poor sister, shannon, and her boyfriend, matt, were supposed to join us for all of these festivities, but she got stuck in awful traffic!  luckily, she did get there in time for the concert!

first and only time i will ever be the tanner one
buuuuut, of course, our perfect day was not without its share of frustration.  mike has scalped tickets for concerts at the meadows for like 10 years, so we didn't think it would be a problem.  too bad people are THE WORST.  during our hula hoop adventure, we went looking for tickets and found a guy who sold us lawn seats only slightly over face value.  as we were walking into the concert, i noticed that my ticket wasn't the same as shannon's [she and matt bought theirs online].  i got a little nervous, but mike assured me it would be fine.  too bad i was right.  shannon and matt's tickets scanned, a big green check mark came up on the scanner, and they walked in.  i was next.  my ticket beeped and came up with a big X. ...too bad the ticket attendant didn't notice, so i walked in.  unfortunately, mike, leah, and kane weren't as lucky.  obviously i couldn't go back out with them because we would have had to buy 4 new tickets, but to make a long story short, they found a scalper who was willing to walk to the entrance with them, get the tickets scanned, and then get paid.  

all in all it cost too much money, but the concert was so worth it.  it was amazing.  the only thing i am a bit sad about is that i broke my "ants marching" streak!  this hartford concert was my 9th dmb concert, and for the first time i didn't hear it.  womp womp. 

setlist from dmb almanac
and three posts later, i am done with saturday of the best weekend ever!  good thing my long weekend lasted 6 days!


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