Tuesday, June 26, 2012

diy master bathroom: the before

so, after living here a year, i decided to tackle a project by myself [mostly].  mike and i recently finished painting our spare upstairs bedroom [more about that later], and i have the diy bug again.  i've learned a lot about renovations while living here, and i think i'm finally ready to take the lead on a project.

our upstairs bathroom is the last room of the house with wallpaper, and boy, will it feel good to get rid of that final, ugly, 1970s style wallpaper.

here is my before:

rundown of updates:
- tear down wallpaper
- repaint walls
- repaint cabinet and drawers under sink
- new hardware for cabinets, drawers, etc.
- clean and line all the drawers
- repaint radiator
- re-grout tiling around the room
- re-caulk the bathtub
- new light fixture above the sink

i know the color isn't so great in the video [and won't be in many photos because of the little light in that room] so here are the colors i'll be painting the radiator, the cabinets under the sink, and the walls.

disclaimer: this video was made a week ago, and i am already well on my way to the radiator and cabinet projects - i will post photos soon!


Becky said...

Good luck on the projects! It will feel good to finally tear down that 1970s wallpaper, I'm sure!

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