Sunday, June 3, 2012

the best weekend ever: part 4

even though saturday, itself, took 3 posts, i figured [to get through this faster] i would combine sunday and monday.

we spend last sunday sleeping in [i didn't have work which was a nice change], and then we headed to the other side of the state to help mike's family move his grandmother into his uncle's house.  in the process, we met his aunt and uncle's new kitten, james! he was raised in a daycare so he is the sweetest, most lovable cat ever.  he also has extra toes on his front paws! hemingway cats, as they're called, have a genetic mutation that gives them extra toes - or lucky toes as my mom calls my cat, robbie's [who has one].

oh yeah, and we stopped and got a gelati on the way down.  strawberry italian ice and chocolate custard = amazing
kitten mittens!
sunday night we relaxed at home, and monday we got up early to drive to rhode island to play golf with my dad.  we had a great time, and after we went to watch hill for some lobster rolls and ice cream with my parents!
bullwinkle [my headcover] and rocky [my dad's] got to hang out!
best lobster rolls and ice cream ever!
and, to top it all off, my mom gave me some of her famous whoopie pies to bring back.  boy are they good, so good i am going to post the recipe now, instead of waiting until tomorrow.  seriously, you need to try these - they aren't very hard to make!


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