Monday, June 25, 2012

summer shoe shopping!

what did this title make you think of? sandals, maybe? what about some jellies or water shoes?  well, that's not what i'll be doing this summer.

number 1: i bought a pair of  sperry's boat shoes for summer camp last summer, and they were so comfortable and great.  but as you can see, they are SO worn out.  they are like permanently wet inside from constantly wearing them on the golf course.  it was definitely time for a new pair.  i decided to get almost the same ones, but a slightly different color and style. i went from this to the new more silver and pink ones - they don't quite look like that anymore, do they?  oh man, does it feel nice to have sperrys with cushioning [unlike my old ones that are now hard as rocks].  

yeah... that's a big difference
number 2: i haven't bought new sneakers since before my last half marathon in january, so it was definitely time for some new running shoes because my current ones probably have a few too many miles on them.  i love my current nike's, so i bought some that were very similar and lightweight.  here is what they actually look like for color since these photos are a bit off.  and the light green swooshes perfectly match my staff uniform [that i have to wear at special events].  

and to go with it, i got another pair of my favorite shorts ever. seriously, buy a pair.  they have built in compression shorts, so they are ridiculously comfortable and cool! 

the ones on the left i already had.  the pink main color and blue accents are the same colors as my old sneaks.  the new ones mike bought me, on the right, have the same main magenta color that matches the magenta sneaks perfectly!

thank you, nike, for your relatively small color palette. 

so, those are my most recent purchases.  summer goal: get back in shape.  can you tell?  


Leah R said...

Can Mike buy me new running shorts?!

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