Thursday, June 21, 2012

go for barney!

anyone, anyone?  

for those of you not as obsessed with himym as me, that's what barney [neil patrick harris] says anytime he answers the phone.  i cannot believe i forgot to mention the [almost] best part of yesterday!  every time someone called me on my radio while marshaling, i got to say "go for meghan."  i swear, everyone was doing it.  i felt legen.... wait for it.... dary.

now onto today.  i got to sleep in a bit this morning since i was in the sun for 13 hours yesterday, and spent a few hours in the morning in my office returning parent calls and getting ready for our annual patron's breakfast on saturday.  then, in the afternoon, i met up with two of our kids who acted as "junior course reporters" over the past two days and wrote a blog about their experiences.  i had lunch with them, helped them write in the media center, and then went to a live taping of a golf channel show "golf central pre game" in their studio on the 18th hole.  it was really cool!  and i got to meet the anchors after the show.  after editing the kids' blogs, we had an event for young professionals and entrepreneurs in the area on our learning links. we had a little putting course and a couple closest to the pin contests.  

i just got home like a half hour ago, took a freezing cold shower, am about to throw some food in my face, and will do it all again tomorrow!

getting ready for the show!
info about the filming
snoopy 1 to my right outside the studio (you can see how small the studio is!) 
on air
i'm almost as tan as the made up anchors (todd lewis and tripp isenhour*)
inside the media center
*fun fact, when tripp isenhour was playing on tour 4 years ago, he was arrested for killing a hawk** with a golf ball! read the story here.  he didn't have to go to jail for it, but was on probation for a year, did community service, and had to pay a fine.

**anecdote: two years ago, my junior year of college roommate got attacked by a hawk!! like seriously. we were studying for finals in the history department and the huge windows into the hallway were open.  all of a sudden, we hear that typical "RAAAAAAAAA" of a hawk and all of us and the one professor still there ran out into the hallway to see what it was.  i was still remember his, "what the **** is that?" reaction when we saw a hawk, with its huge wingspan, flying down the hallway.  my roommate had left for a minute, and all of a sudden, we hear the hawk's cry again, and then a scream.  it was so scary!  apparently its talons got her when it flew up behind her.  apparently it had a nest outside and hawks are very protective when they are nesting.  no exaggeration, 8-10 people were attacked by hawks around that building in a one week span before animal control finally had to come for it.


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